Six simple ways to neutralize the taste of a Red Riau Kratom capsule

Red Riau Kratom is a relatively uncommon red vein strain that offers popular benefits to users. But how can you consume it without the bitter taste?

People are always looking for ways to consume Kratom differently. And for some, adding Kratom products like liquid Kratom to their diet has worked. They can now enjoy Kratom by mixing it with other edibles to enhance the taste of Kratom.

There are many different methods to try if you want to mask the bitter taste of a red riau kratom capsule. And if you want to know how to make Kratom taste good, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will share some simple yet effective ways to mask the weird taste of this red strain.

An introduction to Red Riau Kratom strain

Red Riau is one of the potent red Kratom strains that originated from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. This particular strain offers many benefits to its users. In general, Kratom is a herbal plant that can be found in the deep jungle of Southeast Asia.

Farmers pluck the leaves of more mature and old Kratom trees to make them more potent. This red strain is cultivated in soil rich in minerals to enhance the concentration of alkaloids and allows the plants to grow strong and tall.

This red strain also contains a very unpleasant and pungent smell. Therefore, many people cannot have this strain but still wish to have its benefits. It is also available in different forms, such as Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts.

Six great ways to mask the bitterness of Red Riau capsules

In Thailand, the native people used to chew raw Kratom leaves to reap the maximum benefits. But, the newcomers do not want to get the rustic Kratom taste. Instead, they want to add flavors to mask the bitter taste. Also, people consuming this particular strain in capsules have reported not liking the Kratom taste.

Though this red vein strain is new in the market, it is still available in different forms. The taste of Kratom is typically very grassy and leafy, which tastes very weird. The versatile nature of this Kratom makes it quickly consumed with other edibles.

The best part is that an individual can make recipes using this Kratom or make different hot and cold beverages to add some flavors. Mixing Kratom with other tasty food items offers a unique taste and a different flavor.

However, we have you covered if you want to know how to surprise your taste buds with yummy Kratom recipes without hampering their effectiveness. Below, we will discuss some methods to make this Kratom taste good.

1) Toss and wash method

Toss and Wash method is considered one of the most preferred ways to mask the Kratom taste, thanks to its effectiveness and convenience. The best method involves taking a pre-measured dose of capsules into your mouth. Then, drink it with plain water or juice at the user’s convenience.

Do not leave the pills in for too long in your mouth; gulp them right after you put them in your mouth. This specific method is widely accepted because it not only helps you to mask the taste of Kratom but also does not require mixing it with other ingredients.

There is another method called parachute, similar to the toss-and-wash method, but it is a perfect option for people with sensitive taste buds. To parachute, you need to take the Kratom powder out from the pills, then it on an edible paper, and then twist it closed.

Then, swallow them like a pill. However, it is an advanced method only recommended for experienced users.

2) Mix Kratom with delicious fruit juice

One of the most exciting ways to mask the taste of Kratom is to drink it with different fruit juices. There are no constraints on fruit juice, as Kratom tastes best with them. The best part is that you still can get all the health benefits even if you mix the pills or the Kratom powder with mouth-watering fruit juices.

Orange juice is the gold standard to get away with the rustic taste of Kratom. You can use a whisk to mix the orange juice with the Kratom to get the perfect blend. As a result, Kratom users can enjoy a far better flavor of Kratom. As an additional bonus, orange juice might make the Kratom work even better with increased potency.

Apart from the orange juice, users can mix it with lemon juice and apple juice as well. The citric acid in the lemon juice goes perfectly with the alkaloids of this strain.

3) Make a glass of smoothie

If you are not into fruit juices, you can easily make a healthy and delightful smoothie using this Kratom powder or pill. This particular Kratom can be mixed with different smoothie flavors to enhance the taste of Kratom.

To make a Kratom-infused smoothie, you need plain or flavored yogurt, your favorite fruits, and ice cubes. However, if you prefer to avoid your smoothie getting very thick, you can mix milk into the drink. It is the tastiest way to mask the bitter flavor of Kratom.

4) Prepare herbal Kratom tea

If you are looking for hot beverages to mask the bitter flavor of Kratom, then Kratom tea is the go-to option for those people. Making Kratom tea is a very beginner-friendly and convenient way of consuming Kratom. You can add flavor to the tea using lemon juice or other sweeteners such as honey, apple syrup, sugar, etc.

The strains of Kratom taste like something very earthy. So, the sweet-tasting Kratom tea will surely help you hide the weird flavor of Kratom. To make Kratom tea, you need tea leaves, bags, and Kratom pills or powder.

You can have tea as an energy booster drink in the morning. However, it is worth noting that Kratom can not be mixed in hot water because it reduces its effectiveness. So, you need first to boil the water, then wait for a minute until the hot water turns into lukewarm water.

5) Brew some coffee

Understandably, not everyone is a tea lover. So, if you do not prefer tea, then fret not.

Coffee can offer the same effects as tea and will help you hide Kratom’s rustic flavor. Not everyone knows, but Kratom belongs to the caffeine family.

The intense flavor of coffee can be perfectly mixed with this Kratom. So, when you mix it with coffee, it enhances both the quality and taste.

You can either have this Kratom coffee raw without sugar and milk or add different flavors according to your taste.

6) Make tasty Kratom chocolate

Dark Chocolate is the primary key to getting a fantastic Kratom experience. Everyone knows that Chocolate can make all strains of Kratom taste like any other sweet dish.

We also know that Chocolate can help us to stay productive and boost our energy. So, when Chocolate is mixed with Kratom, it enhances the flavor and offers healthy food.

You can use plain Chocolate or dark Chocolate to make Kratom chocolate. To make Kratom chocolate, you need milk and some vegetable oil.

Just melt the Chocolate first, then add this Kratom. After that, put some oil and mix it well to prepare Kratom-infused Chocolate.

Alternative ways to enhance the Kratom taste

Despite all the options mentioned above, there are other ways to have this Kratom. If you are searching for alternative options before placing your order online, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will share some different ways to cover Kratom’s ‘not-so-good’ flavor.

Hold your nose

Before you think about avoiding this specific method, let us explain adequately. You may not know, but our sense of taste strongly connects with our sense of smell. For this reason, you can plug your nose using toilet paper while having Kratom.

When you block your nostrils with toilet paper, you don’t feel the strong flavor of Kratom. So, nose plugs can be a great option if you do not opt for any of the above mentioned recommendations.

se Kratom tinctures

The tinctures are one of the most concentrated Kratom products available on the market. Mostly experienced users prefer to purchase Kratom tinctures as they have the tolerance.

However, you can only have it raw if you are a beginner. But you can mix it with other beverages that are very tasty.

Try Kratom extracts

Kratom extracts are also one of the popular Kratom products, mainly liquid. Like the tinctures, you can mix them with your favorite food or beverages.

But, as it comes in a concentrated version, you must take it in low doses to avoid side effects such as anxiety, nausea, etc.

Chew Kratom gummies

Kratom edibles are a new kind of product available on the market. But it can enhance the flavor to a great level. For example, Kratom gummies are produced with tropical fruit extracts that are helpful to mask the odd flavor of Kratom.

Can you consume it with alcohol?

No, please do not mix alcohol with Kratom ever. If you do it, you might develop withdrawal symptoms, which are very dangerous for your health.

Capsules are the easiest way to consume it

Red Riau offers some fantastic ways to help users enjoy its delicacies. Taking Kratom capsules is the most convenient and versatile way to hide the earthy flavor of Kratom. But make sure to take it in the correct dosage to avoid health problems.

You should also know facts like how long does kratom stay in your system to experience the effects in a better manner.

Also, purchase it from a reputed and reliable vendor to ensure safe consumption. However, among the above-mentioned points, you can opt for any way at your convenience to mask the rustic flavor of this Kratom.