Six signs you’re ready to make the leap to freelancing or contracting

Dream of giving up your day job and working for yourself as a freelancer or contractor? Discover the six signs you’re ready to make the leap.

Dipping your toe into the world of freelancing or contracting can be a fantastic idea when you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, especially if you are still in permanent employment or maybe even on maternity leave.

But how do you know when is the right time to take the leap and go for it as your main career? When does freelancing or contracting stop being your after work hobby and start to become your ‘proper’ job?

Six signs you’re ready to make the leap to freelancing or contracting

If you’re waiting for a sign, this blog could be it. Director of Operations, Laura Hepworth from Intouch Accounting shares the six things her clients said finally made them realise their vocation in life was to become a fully fledged contractor or freelancer.

1) You get excited about finding your next client or contract

If the thrill of the chase is becoming one of your favourite parts of freelancing or contracting, then there really is no other job for you.

While for some the fear of the unknown can be daunting and a deterrent, if you find it to be one of the main ‘pulls’ then it’s time to make it your permanent career.

2) You’ve got your schedule down to a T

You know your daily routine, what needs to be done, how to balance your permanent work or personal life with freelancing – and you rarely get it wrong. Planning and scheduling is second nature to you and you know how to be a success at both.

If you find yourself at this stage, then it’s time to think about taking the leap. You’re clearly comfortable with how to find contracts, have a good client base that you can rely on for work and are able to keep a steady flow of contracts coming in.

3) Going solo is your end goal

If you’ve already started out with the end goal of it being your full time career choice, read on…

If you don’t have a timeframe for taking the leap, think about setting yourself one. If you already have one, think about how close you are to it, what you need to be doing to get there, and whether you can bring it forward. Why put your dreams on hold?

4) Your ducks are in a row

You have built up a little war chest to see you over any quiet periods and know how to find contracts, while keeping in touch with previous clients and organisations. Your marketing is on point and you know how to put yourself in front of prospective clients.

If this sounds like you, then it really is time to bite the bullet and take the leap!

5) You can’t wait  to leave your day job behind

If you spend the majority of your day looking forward to progressing your latest contract, then it’s time to give 100% of your working day over to it.

While you may love your permanent role, there’s a reason why you’re giving freelancing a go. So if that feels right and you’re excited by the prospect – then go for it!

6) You’ve learnt everything you can from permanent employment

If you feel like permanent employment has taught you everything it can, then it’s time to find something that challenges you.

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored at work or that your job is no longer stimulating your mind. If you’re experiencing similar feelings, then it’s time to find something new.

Ready to make the leap NOW?

If dipping your toe feels good – then what are you waiting for? Take a run, jump and dive straight into contracting or freelancing. There’s no greater feeling than doing what you love as your own boss. You’ll never look back!

Here’s some practical advice to help you make the move:

Laura Hepworth works for Intouch Accounting, the expert contractor accountancy for Limited Company contractors.