Six reasons why laughter is the best medicine

It’s true what they say… laughter really is the best medicine. Discover six reasons why you should find a reason to smile more.

People who laugh more often aren’t just happier – there’s a good chance that their humour is helping them to stay healthier too.

Wellness experts at B Well CBD share six positive benefits of laughter on your health and wellbeing.

1) It’s a stress reliever

Whether you’ve had a hectic day at work, are dealing with some personal issues or are just having one of those days, it’s amazing how much a bit of laughter can take the weight off your shoulders. By challenging the feeling of stress through laughing, the opposite effect on the body, the stress hormones are replaced by feel-good neurochemicals so you can enjoy a calmer approach and reduce the feelings of anxiety.

2) It can help reduce pain

When you laugh, your body produces natural pain killers so you can enjoy some relief from any discomfort you may be feeling. While laughing may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re in pain, the outcome can be exactly what you need to feel a sense of normality. Although it may seem like a placebo effect, studies have shown that laughter doesn’t just boost your emotions, but really does minimise the symptoms of pain.

3) It supports immune health

After a long winter, our immune systems are naturally lower after having to tackle the notorious winter illnesses. Many of these illnesses lead us to search for urgent care near me for medical attention, with the top reason for urgent care visits being upper respiratory infections.

As the cold and flu season wraps up, laughter is just what our bodies need to feel better and prepare for the sunshine ahead. Laughter has been shown to boost the number of infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells in our bodies, supporting the release of neuropeptides which reduce stress and fight illness so we can stay fit and healthy.

4) It can help reduce hypertension

As you laugh, your blood flow is improved which subsequently reduces blood pressure. As well as being an immediate benefit, the results can last upwards of 24 hours so you can maintain a healthy blood pressure. The more laughs you enjoy, the less likely you are to face symptoms such as blurry vision, morning headaches and a buzzing sound in the ears, even having the potential to reduce your risk of heart disease in the long term.

5) It supports brain health

As well as having a great impact on our mental wellbeing, laughter can support our brain health also. Laughing actually serves as an exercise for your mind and has been linked to improved cognitive function, increasing your intake of oxygen which in turn stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles. It also increases the endorphins that are released by your brain, contributing to reduced stress levels so you can enjoy a more positive outlook.

6) It can be a great workout

Who said exercise can’t be fun! A good laugh can actually be a great core workout, causing your stomach muscles to expand and contract. Although it is no excuse to quit your exercise routine, a good 10-15 minute giggle can burn up to 50 calories, even leaving your sides a little sore due to all the stomach movements.

Photo by Laura D Vargas