Six pieces of office equipment you need when working from home

When you start running a business from home, you’ll need the right office set up to maximise your productivity.

Having the right office equipment easily to hand can make the difference between complying your work efficiently, easily and on time… and wasting precious hours trying to manually complete a task, or trying to get an outdated and inadequate piece of tech do what you want.

So, with this in mind, here are six pieces of office equipment you need when working from home.

1) A computer

There are few businesses today that can operate without a computer of some kind. Even if you don’t actually run your business online, you’ll often need one to manage the back end of your business, including your finances and tax.

If you only ever work from your home office then investing in a desktop computer is a good option, with a smartphone covering the gaps. If you work in multiple locations – perhaps sometimes from a coffee shop – or need your computer for meetings and presentations, then you will need a laptop.

2) A strong and reliable internet connection

You will need a good internet connection to work without disruption at home. Most people want their internet connection to be accessed from any room in the house or the garden. If this is the case, you might also need some kind of extender device.

You can install a Wi-Fi range extender to get Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Your Wi-Fi cable wires should also be arranged so they don’t end up getting tangled and cause problems for your work.

3) A comfortable chair

Working from your home means you get to choose your own furniture and office equipment. Find a good chair that provides lumbar and pelvic support so that your back muscles are less stretched. You may face back issues if your chair is not comfortable, as slouching and similar poor seated positions can cause headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, and backaches.

Sitting with good posture where your spine is aligned correctly will provide you with excellent overall comfort. It also increases concentration through long hours of seated task work. So do your body a favour and choose a chair that is comfortable!

4) A printer

If your work requires producing a lot of paperwork, then you should consider buying an HP home office printer. Printers are essential for your home office as you may be required to complete tasks like scanning documents, printing out papers or spreadsheets for review, testing print-quality images, making copies, and more.  

5) A filing cabinet to arrange your documents

Having a filing cabinet in your home office can be very useful. You can save a lot of floor space by keeping all your files in one place, and you can arrange the documents in a specific order to locate your records quickly. 

Excellent filing helps you with record management and planning, too and ensures the systemic preservation of all types of relevant information.

6) A paper shredder

A paper shredder is useful in getting rid of paperwork that is lying around and gathering dust. You may have confidential documents too that you don’t want to risk putting in recycling waste.

It’s useful to be able to shred sensitive documents like bills, credit cards, and bank account statements to ensure they’re not used by thieves to commit identity theft or fraud.