Six of the best apps for working mums

Discover six of the best current apps for working mums – designed to save you time, money and stress!

As busy mums ourselves, we’re always looking for ways we can work smarter and save time. So we love the idea of apps that make our lives easier. Here’s digital marketing manager Skornia Alison’s top picks.

Six of the best apps for working mums

I’ve hand-picked my favourite six apps aimed at (or ideal for) busy working mums – designed to save you time, money and stress!

1) Cozi

Cozi tries to simplify your family life by organising it for you. With a ‘family calendar’, shopping lists, to-do lists, family journal, and more, the app will constantly remind you of what tasks need to be done no matter where you are.

So ditch the sticky notes on the fridge and the calendar on your bedroom wall, and sign up for Cozi instead to make sure you’re always in the loop. Sign up is free and it is available for iPhone and Android devices.

2) Just Eat

This is a free app that works best for mums who would love to worry a little less about what’s in the fridge.

Just Eat lets you find and order food from over 20,000 local restaurants and takeaways across the UK (similar to GrubHub in the US). They even have a price promise that ensures you don’t pay more for food ordered through Just Eat than you would elsewhere, including the restaurant’s in-house menu.

3) Mom Maps

Not every mum has to time to look for nearby places to take their kids to. If you’re not too sure about the best museums, parks, restaurants, and indoor play areas, use Mom Maps to search for the best kid-friendly locations around the area.

This serves over 28,000 locations from 28 metro areas across the US (it also covers Paris and the UK). This is a free application for both Android and iPhone devices.

4) Shoebox Receipt Tracker

Hate losing your receipts every time you need a refund? This application will keep track of all your receipt in one place. Take a picture, fill in the date, payment type, store, and total money and let Shoebox Receipt Tracker do the saving for you.

The iphone version of this app also tracks mileage and business cards. This is a free app for iPhone and Android.

5) Shop Savvy

Being ‘shopping savvy’ is something any smart mum would want to be, considering she also has to manage the finances. Shop Savvy makes sure you get the right rates and bargains by finding and locating you the best sales from your favourite stores.

The app is complete with product information and pricing from various stores in your area, allowing you compare prices and make smart buying decisions. You can also read reviews from other people and see what the real deal is. This is a free app for iOS and Android devices.

6) Mint

Tracking household finances can be cumbersome. Unfortunately, this is a task you can’t delegate to any child or have a neighbour help out with. Using Mint will give you peace of mind by becoming your personal money manager and budget tracker.

With Mint, you can easily pull all your accounts, investments, and cards in one place, allowing you to track your spending, receive bill reminders, create budgets, and get customised tips on saving. This is a free app for iOS and Android devices.

Skornia Alison works as a digital marketing manager at an online tutoring service, where she helps clients who search for help with essay writing competition. She specialises in exploring latest marketing strategies, conversion optimisation, etc.