Six home renovation projects to perfect your living room

Home renovations are a fun, intelligent investment for homeowners who want to both unlock their dream home’s potential and boost their home equity.

Living rooms are one of the prime areas to improve if you want to unlock these benefits. Finding the right project to make your living room more comfortable, stylish, and valuable becomes the key.

If you’re looking to maximize your living room’s potential, here are six home renovation projects to perfect your home’s living room.

1) Wall paint refinishing 

Making sure your walls are always bright, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing is key to keeping your home’s value high. Refinishing your walls, both in terms of paint and by fixing any damages, is a fairly cheap and valuable home renovation project that any homeowner can take advantage of.

Adding crown molding or other flairs to your wall during this process is a fantastic way to get even more bang for your buck. The fact that you’ll make your walls look better than they’ve ever looked before will make you feel more comfortable in your own home as well, so the investment will be well worth it.

Reinvigorating your walls based on your locale’s aesthetics is always an intelligent choice. For beach homes, think white and pastel colors. For mountain homes don’t be afraid to choose rich colors like burgundy and dark green. 

2) Door replacements 

Depending on how your living room is set up, it’s likely that at least one door is connected to the space. For many homes, the living room is directly involved with your home’s front door. Not only will a brand-new door make your living room pop, but it will greatly boost your home’s equity as well.

A front door is a portal that invites you into your space, so making it pleasing and stylistically cohesive with your home is critical. For potential buyers and home appraisers, front doors have become more and more important to valuing a home, so be sure to heavily consider this investment if you’re looking for a surefire hit of a living room-centric home renovation project. 

3) Living room expansion 

Sometimes, your living room is simply too cramped to truly become the comfortable, cozy living space that you want it to be. If this is the case in your home, investing in a renovation that will expand your living room is one of your best options.

Not only can you simply remove a wall and attach the space of another room to your living room’s space, but you can even hire a contractor to add on to your house overall. In terms of home equity and personal comfort, this is one of the best projects on this list. However, it is also one of the most expensive, so you’ll need to have a flexible, impressive budget to successfully execute this home renovation project. 

4) Install new windows 

Windows can make or break a living room. Unless you like living in a cave, you’ll want at least one window in your living room to help shine bright sunshine into your space during the upcoming summer season. Finding windows that are wide, perfect for giving you a beautiful view, and which are energy-efficient will help you nail this renovation project.

Once again, however, this is a large investment, so being ready to spend some extra cash is a necessity if you want to install new windows in your living room. The massive home equity boost you’ll unlock with this project is difficult to overstate, however. 

5) Choose a cohesive color palette 

If you want a cheap, creative, and style-shifting home renovation project for your living room, dedicating yourself to creating a fully cohesive color palette in the space is a fantastic option.

Sit down and find an exact color palette that you want the space to embody, then consider how you can both buy new decor, and customize your existing decor, to fully embrace the color palette you’re going for. The sense of satisfaction you’ll take from pulling off this renovation successfully will make you feel as though you’re a professional home decor artist. 

6) Reinvigorate your lighting 

Lighting can make or break the comfort and stylistic impression of a space, and this is especially true when it comes to living rooms. LED lighting has become popular, and is much more customizable and flexible than typical home lighting setups.

You can adjust the brightness, look, color, and angles of LED lighting setups if you go for high-end products, so if you want your living room to constantly shift to your particular needs, investing in LED lighting is a surefire hit. The right lighting setup can even create a convincing illusion that makes your living room bigger than it is. 

Embrace your dream living room 

If you embrace your living room decor and setup dreams, you’ll make your house feel more enjoyable than ever before. Especially if you’re looking to boost home equity as you tackle living room projects, these six ideas will be right up your alley.

Thankfully, some choices will fit every homeowner’s budget, so find the one that’s right for you, and get to work on unlocking your dream living room.