Six great work-from-home jobs for moms

Work-from-home jobs can help to give moms the flexibility to meet work and family obligations. Read on for six suggestions for jobs you could do.

Working from home allows them to set their schedules, earn an income, and care for the kids. While some jobs may require pre-determined schedules, they’re still flexible, and you may pick the times that work for you.

Working from home promotes work-life balance, improving well-being, mental health, and productivity. This article outlines six great work-from-home jobs for moms.

1) Sewing

Based on your skill level, the time you can dedicate, and capital, you can earn an income sewing from home.

When deciding what you’ll sew, including trendy designs, costumes, lingerie, alterations, custom clothing, quilts, baby clothes, dog clothes, stuffed toys and doll clothes, personalized gifts, or bags, it’s essential to establish your goals, determine your target audience, how you’ll market your products, what the competition is like, and how much you’ll charge per item.

Assess your skills to determine whether you need an embroidery machine, a thread, and needle, or a serger. Reading reviews from reliable and trusted sites such as can help you find the best sewing machines available.

2) Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping from home involves recording transactions for small business owners. You can do it as a freelancer or work remotely for a company. If you have no prior experience as a bookkeeper, you can take online courses on becoming a virtual bookkeeper.

However, if you’re experienced, you can apply for jobs in accounting firms, look for freelance opportunities on job boards or talk to small business owners within your locality to help with their bookkeeping.

3) Customer service representative

Customer service representatives respond to inquiries from consumers, offer assistance, and handle administrative tasks. Most brands and service providers have customer care emails, phone numbers, and chat lines on their sites that clients use to reach out for assistance. You can work remotely answering customer queries, taking orders, and offering guidance and information to customers.

To work as a customer service representative, you should be computer literate and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Some companies may require previous experience, while others may offer training.

4) Blogging

Most online resources and publications hire writers to create content for their blogs, business websites, and product pages. They offer a wide range of topics, including parenting, marketing, real estate, law, finance, SEO, business, travel, and fitness.

You can blog about things you’re passionate about, specialize in one niche, or write about a mix of topics. As well as helping you make money, blogging allows you to share your knowledge, become an authority in your niche and gain more exposure while refining your writing skills.

5) Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative assistance to companies, individuals, and small businesses. They handle multiple tasks such as checking emails, scheduling appointments, managing social media pages, submitting invoices, and managing calendars.

Virtual assistant jobs can be done full-time or part-time based on your schedule. You may specialize in technology, fashion, or any other industry, then market yourself to potential clients.

6) Become a data entry clerk

Data entry clerks type the information provided into a company’s system. You may enter various details based on your employer’s field or industry, including market research results, voter registration, or prescription data. You require excellent attention to detail and fast typing skills.

Working from home can help to make it easier to balance your schedule with kids. Consider these work-from-home jobs for moms based on your skillset and preference.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka