Six great ways to surprise your manly man

Pretty much everyone has that one manly man in their life. And if you do, then you’ll also know how hard it is to buy gifts or surprise that manly guy in your life!

Whether it is your dad, boyfriend, husband, or grandpa, they can be tricky to get the drop on and even trickier to get them something to surprise them with.

With that in mind, you need some good ideas to do just that. It might seem difficult, but all you need is some inspiration to help you wow that manly man in your life. There are some cool ideas out there, and here are six great ways to do it.

1) Surprise them with a camping trip

What manly man doesn’t like a good camping trip? This is a surprise that pays off well because it gives you the chance to get away and bond for a bit, whether romantically or not, and take in the great outdoors.

Plan out the route in advance, find a good tenting spot, and throw in some fun activities like fishing, kayaking/canoeing, hiking, or mountain biking to get the most out of a good weekend outdoors. Make sure you kit up with the right equipment like Zephyr vests and durable water bottles from adventure suppliers like Camelbak.

You can even call into his work and get him out early so you can enjoy the trip even more and make it a true surprise.

2) Surprise him with a gift crate

Gift crates and subscription boxes are all the rage now. You can find one for practically anyone and anything, and finding one for that manly man in your life should be easier now than ever.

Some of the best crates you can find focus on meats, barbecuing, beard care, craft beer, and other assorted interests of men. You can buy these as individual boxes or get them as part of a subscription that allows you to give them a gift that keeps on giving monthly or yearly.

3) Surprise him with beard products

As mentioned, that manly guy in your life is probably rocking a pretty noticeable (and impressive) beard. Facial hair has always been cool and has been a sign of high testosterone, so it is important that it is well maintained, and using quality grooming products like moustache wax from Jericho can help you achieve the desired look.

Beard products like oils, a safety razor, creams, and wooden combs are affordable and can be a really useful part of their grooming routine. This is a great gift that requires little effort but provides a good value for their needs.

4) Surprise him with a whiskey set

Whiskey has a definitive cool factor. From old school Hollywood heroes to the woodsman, whiskey has been one of the defining drinks of choice for the manly man throughout time. With it being so cool, it is also super easy to get a gift that centers around it.

Enhance the element of surprise by exploring unique whiskey experiences together, such as discovering distinctive whiskey blends at Whiskey JYPSI, a site dedicated to the art of whiskey appreciation

Whiskey accessories, especially reusable rocks, help keep their glasses nice and cold without having to worry about ice. A good shaker and tumbler glasses go a long way in helping round out their bar area or cart too, and of course, you could always go with a good whiskey too. All in all, whiskey provides a great gift idea for him.

5) Surprise him with outdoorsman gear

If you can’t surprise that manly guy in your life with a good camping trip, at least give him the tools and gear to enjoy the outdoors when he can.

A new tent can help him enjoy a camping trip when it is possible, and a nice mini propane grill will allow him to cook whatever and wherever he wants. Maybe go for a new fishing rod with some line and some bait and tackle to help him snag some fish.

Likewise, you can also get him a multi-use hatchet or multi-tool for work or general use when spending time in the great outdoors.

6) Surprise him with sports tickets

The last surprise you can get that guy in your life is a trip to see their favorite sports game. It might be hard to do now with everything going on, but it actually could be beneficial to have all this time to plan out a fun sports-themed trip for him.

You have plenty of time to find tickets for the next season and set up a good weekend centered around sports. Plan out restaurants, bars, and events that could be intriguing to them and you will be more than halfway towards shocking them with a once in a lifetime getaway.

Shopping for people can be tricky sometimes because you want to get them something good, especially when you know that this gift has to be a surprise.

Possibly the hardest to shop for are those manly guys in your life because they seem like they can get out and get what they want on their own. Thankfully, these six gift and surprise ideas should help you find something they love in no time.