Six fashion earring options to complement your everyday style

Many people love to experiment with contrasting shapes, lengths, colors, and textures of earrings. Here are six fashion earring options to complement your everyday style.

While some people don’t like wearing heavy necklaces or bangles, fashion earrings are something that many love to wear.

Like any piece of jewelry, earrings can completely transform your look when worn with the right attire. But what style of earring should you chose? Here are six styles that can work with your day or evening style.

1) Drop and dangle

Drop and dangle style earrings hang from a stud-like back, and have a thinner and longer section. If you prefer to wear lightweight earrings on an evening out, then these should be right up your street.

You can pair them with a black slit gown or a full-length gown for a glam evening look. They also work well in the day time, and can elevate a more casual outfit – especially when teamed with bright colored lipstick and stilettos.  

2) Climbers-crawlers earring

Climbers-crawlers are the latest designs in earrings. They follow the upward curve of your ear, and come in a variety of styles. They’re a great choice paired with a glam dress and, thanks to the sturdy wire that keeps the earring in one position, will stay put on the dance floor.

Climbers-crawlers start from the bottom of your ear lobe, and finish at the edge of your ear. They are innovative and often come decorated with a series of gems, which get smaller towards the top. 

3) Hoops 

The classic hoop earring is quick and easy to wear, and looks great with a low or high hair bun and with simple jeans and top.

Adding a pair of hooped earrings can make an otherwise casual look more elegant. Hoop earrings are usually smooth and come in many different patterns and sizes. 

4) Studs

Studs are the basic, go-to earrings (they’re usually what you wear when your ears are first pierced), and team well with t-shirts or shorts.

They’re a little too subtle and simple for a beautiful gown, usually. Studs lay flat without dropping down from your ear, and it gives a minimal look, which is suitable for regular, every day wear.  

5) Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are hanging earrings that usually come in different lengths, and are often preferred by women who love heavy earrings.

Chandeliers are multi-layered earrings that you can wear with a gorgeous or heavily embellished dress on a special night out. Chandeliers are the perfect earrings for designer outfits and bold looks. 

6) Gemstone earrings 

Gemstone earrings are a timeless jewellery choice by women all over the world. They come in unique designs, and are often small in size, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

The latest collection of gemstone earrings are available in multiple colors that you can wear with any outfit. 

Choose your favourite earrings for any look

Earrings are a versatile piece of jewelry and can easily be paired with whatever look you are aiming for. You can buy from local jewellery and fashion stores, or browse a wide selection online.