Six creative ways to use stickers for your business

Looking for new, creative ways to promote your business and grow your sales? Find out how sticker marketing can help.

You have probably come across the term ‘sticker marketing’ before. Maybe you are unsure what it exactly means or how to make stickers work in your industry? Or you are already certain that stickers are the perfect marketing tool for your business, but you are still on the look for inspiration? 

In this article, you will find the six best and most creative ways to use stickers in a business context, reach new customers, hit your growth targets and save money. Our tips are hands-on, all you have to do is find a sticker printing company you trust. Does that sound good? Then let’s jump straight in. 

1) Easter eggs

These Easter eggs take you way beyond Easter. In marketing, hidden message or website features waiting to be discovered by curious customers are referred to as Easter eggs. They are little surprises that intend to elevate the customer journey and help you brand your business. 

Stickers allow you to create offline Easter eggs like hidden messages in order or even creating a trail of clues to solve a riddle. Customers then automatically engage with your brand which means they will remember their purchase experience. 

2) Hand out free stickers 

But even a sticker in itself already has a hidden superpower in itself. To unlock that, we recommend adding free logo stickers with every order or purchase. This way, your stickers will not be seen as an advertising tool but are instead considered to be a gift. Sticker sheets, for instance, provide a versatile option for recipients to enjoy and share, amplifying the potential impact of your brand.

When we receive a gift, we experience a psychological reaction called the rule of reciprocity. This means that we feel the need to return the favour and give this person a gift in return. In this scenario, this can take the shape of a well-intentioned recommendation to a friend or even a repeat purchase. 

3) Seasonal packaging 

With stickers, you can quickly change your packaging and even make it seasonal. This can be as easy as producing and applying custom sticker rolls pumpkin or snowflake stickers to your shipping labels and boxes. This will not only make your customers smile, but increase the social shareability of your product, meaning your customers are very likely to share your adorable packaging on social media. 

We recommend using either paper or custom vinyl stickers to achieve this effect. They are simple to peel and apply and come in vibrant colours with incredible detail, emphasising the high quality of your products.

4) Floor graphics 

While this probably makes you think of social distancing, floor graphics are not intrinsically linked to pandemics. Instead, you can use them to communicate with your customers and improve their brand experience.

You can use floor stickers to lead customers to a special product offer in your shop or even as a lovely message to welcome them once they enter your shop. 

5) Limited edition labels 

Limited edition labels are small, but they have a major impact. Using them, you can create the illusion of scarcity around your product. Thereby, you limit the time customers have to make a purchase decision and demand an immediate reaction. 

Glitter or holographic labels work wonders here, as they highlight the premium status of your product. By buying it, your customers feel like they are joining an exclusive group, as only a handful of customers will have had the chance to buy your limited product range. 

6) Window signage 

The same logic applies to widows. Do not let all this space go to waste, but use it to inform your customers about upcoming events or promotions. You can even communicate your business values or unique selling points. 

The stickers used for such applications are called front adhesive stickers. They have the glue on top of the design, meaning you can apply them to the inside of the window but have them seen from the outside. 

So there you have it: six creative ways to use stickers for your business. Additionally, you can also check out these tips on how to remove the sticky residue of stickers.

Photo by Tania Malréchauffé