Six career opportunities for work-at-home mums

Stay-at-home parents are among the hardest-working people around – even more so if you’re combining managing a home with part of full time careers.

But for many parents, working from home is the dream. You get the challenge and fulfilment of work, while being around to care for your children as they’re growing up.

Six career opportunities for work-at-home mums

We’ve shared business ideas for mums who want to work at home before. Now here are six more reliable work-at-home opportunities for mums. And, while some training is required for most of these opportunities, they’re easily within reach for capable, driven strivers.

1) Launch yourself as a web designer

Do you have a knack for good design? Then you could have what it takes to be a web designer – someone whose job it is to build and/or improve websites.

Don’t worry: you don’t need to be a master coder (or really have anything more than basic HTML fluency) to create amazing websites. If you plan to use advanced graphic design software, though you might need to upgrade your computer.

2) Become a fundraising distributor

Want to earn real money while giving back to the organisations you care about most? Fundraising distributors sell fundraising products that school groups, charitable organisations, and other institutions then use to raise funds for their own programming.

According to ABC Fundraising, work-at-home fundraising distributors can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more.

3) Set yourself up as a freelance writer

If you can write and have a willingness to learn about popular topics like business and finance, you can make a great living as a work-at-home contract writer.

Independent writers find success in ghostwriting (helping others write articles or books), freelance journalism, web content creation, and other domains — the sky’s the limit. (Read 10 tips to help launch yourself as a freelance writer here.)

4) Prepare people’s taxes

You don’t need an accounting degree to become a certified tax preparer. Although this is a seasonal job for which demand greatly increases during the first and early second quarters of the year, it’s a lucrative part-time opportunity that nicely complements steadier work.

5) Consider becoming a tutor

Tutoring is a surprisingly lucrative opportunity, even for those without formal teaching experience. As long as you’re able to clearly communicate key concepts and maintain a positive attitude no matter what challenges your students present, you could be cut out to be a tutor. And, other than videoconferencing software, no special equipment is required.

6) Work as a translator

If you’re fluent in a second language, you can almost certainly find work as a remote translator. You’ll be in particularly high demand if you know one or more languages not widely spoken in your home country.

What’s your work-at-home angle?

These aren’t the only legitimate work-at-home opportunities available to stay-at-home parents everywhere. In fact, some of the most enticing opportunities are those that require little work at all.

If you have a spare bedroom or mother-in-law suite in your house and don’t mind welcoming guests on a regular basis, you could earn real money as a short-term rental host when you list the space on reputable platforms like Airbnb.

Your work-at-home dreams are limited only by your imagination – and your willingness to work for them. Here’s to making the most of every opportunity!

Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine