Should you buy regular or feminized seeds?

Looking to buy cannabis seeds and aren’t sure which type is best? Find out whether you should buy regular or feminized seeds.

Both types of cannabis seeds regular and feminized have their own pros and cons. However, it would not be correct to state that one type is better than the other. The point is that the usefulness or uselessness of different types of marijuana seeds depends on the purpose of seeds purchase.

So, when you decide to buy pot seeds it is better to get to know the main features of each type and, of course, define your own goals.

What’s the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds? 

Feminized marijuana seeds are the product of genetic engineering. This type of seed can produce only female cannabis plants. To be exact, 99.9% of all plants produced by feminized seeds are female. 

Regular seeds, on the other hand are traditional seeds, which can produce both male and female marijuana plants. 

What’s the difference between male and female cannabis plants?

Female cannabis plants develop sinsemilla, which is exactly what those buds are used for marijuana consumption through smoking. Male plants, meanwhile produce cannabis seeds, which are not provided by female plants.

So, if you are planning to breed cannabis, it is better to choose regular seeds. However, if you need to produce a ready-to-use product (cannabis buds) and you do not want to keep cultivating, then it is fine to choose feminized seeds.    

Where can you buy high-class regular and feminized seeds?

Herbies is one of the biggest providers of cannabis seeds of all types, and has been on the market for more than 10 years. 

Here are some of the advantages of Herbies:

  • Over 1,800 marijuana seeds 
  • Reliable shipping 
  • Safe payment system 
  • Easy-to-use website 
  • Stable customer support 

Providers like Herbies don’t just offer a wide range of catalog options, but also share useful information and advice. Their experts’ comments will help you to understand the peculiarities of each seed type and make the right choice.