Shop like a pro: The vintage clothing edition

Do you know what “vintage clothing” is? Vintage is a general term meaning old or from the past. When it comes to clothing, vintage clothing refers to clothes that are 20 years older.

These are usually secondhand, and you thrift them to have unique pieces in your collection. Most people love to buy vintage clothes, as the fashion in the past was impressive. But they fear shopping for them because of the state of thrift stores.

However, that is in the past. Now there are online ecosystems with vintage clothing options. Or even sophisticated stores, making it easy to expand your wardrobe. Yet, not everyone is a pro at shopping for vintage clothing. So, in this article we share some tips on buying and finding vintage clothing.

Know your vintage shops

There are multiple stores online and offline offering vintage clothing. But not all are the same. So you have to do your research on every vintage shopping store, whether it’s online or offline. That will help you find the best places to find the best pieces at unbeatable prices. For instance, maybe you find a pair of vintage jeans for $100 at a store, but you may find them for a lesser price if you look at other stores or even online. For instance, you can use Instagram to find vintage pieces popping up in stores. Use hashtags to always find the best deals.

Maintain friendly connections with the dealer

The number of vintage shops popping up online or offline is insane. On Instagram only, you will find multiple, like Unsound Rags, Moth Food, and more shoutouts.

If you are a true vintage lover who often shops for vintage clothes and other things, befriending the dealer isn’t a bad idea. It helps, as you will be their first choice when they find a rare piece or something they know you will like. So, don’t be afraid of asking the price of those Levi’s 646 cords, their size, or more.

Set a time limit

Vintage shopping is indeed extremely overwhelming. It can be tiring, especially when you go to a larger store or even the flea market. So, the tip here is to set a time limit for every shop you get into. Only 30 minutes per shop. It is enough time to look through every piece of material for hidden treasures. Then, after 30 minutes, try everything, get the things you need, and move on.

Try to look as modern as you can

You don’t want to look period or retro when you buy vintage clothes. Otherwise, you will look like you are going to the Met Gala in costume. Instead, focus on buying vintage clothes that you can wear in modern styles. The decade you are going for should suit the body type you have. It should look good on you after you style it, not like a retro piece. For instance, petite or slim women will find the 70s perfect for them.

Not all thrift stores have vintage clothing

Vintage doesn’t only mean secondhand. It means something special. It denotes that a particular piece of clothing has stood the test of time. It is relevant even today due to its quality, cultural significance, and historical significance.

So, yes, you can find vintage clothing in thrift stores. But if you find thrift in vintage clothing, that piece is not worth your dime. To ensure the piece you buy is authentic, look for metal zippers, saw-toothed edges, union labels printed in blue, and more.

Don’t buy without researching

If you are considering splurging on a piece of vintage clothing, research first. Don’t buy on a whim, as it can turn into a bad investment. You should learn to spot issues with quality and condition. Also, learn what eras work on your body and more. You can always work with a vintage fashion designer if you want to buy such pieces for your wardrobe. They know, so they can find pieces worth your time.

Apart from these, raid your mom and grandma’s closets. You will find some beautiful vintage pieces there that you can reuse. The best part about vintage clothing is that you can use it as is or wear it according to your style.