Seven winter wardrobe mistakes that are making you cold

Are you constantly freezing cold in winter – even in heated rooms? Discover seven winter wardrobe mistakes that could be making you cold.

Winter is here in full force, which makes the quest to stay fashionable leaving many of us shivering. Not only that but winter storms are hitting various places across the globe, in places where freezing temperatures might not be the norm.

Niki English, fashion expert from AJG Fashion Consulting shares what wardrobe mistakes you may be making that leave you cold, and how to correct them so you can look and feel great all winter long. 

1) Not layering properly

One of the biggest mistakes in dressing fashionable during the winter is not layering effectively. When done correctly, layers keep you warmer by trapping air and providing insulation.

Start with a fitted, moisture-wicking base layer, add a warm middle layer like a fashionable fleece or wool sweater, then complete your look with a windproof and waterproof outer layer. 

2) Not tucking in your base layer

You might not be someone who loves the look of tucking in your clothing, but this can cause you unnecessary shivers. Instead, tuck your base layer into your bottoms to prevent updrafts of wind and cold. If you genuinely dislike how it looks, untuck it when you reach your destination. 

3) Not choosing the appropriate material 

Selecting the appropriate material will make or break whether or not you feel comfortable in inclement weather. Choose the garment that is designed for the temperature and conditions.

For example, don’t choose a rain jacket on a sunny day because it will trap moisture and make you too hot, and avoid wearing absorbent material as your outer layer when it’s raining. Choose materials that will keep you the driest from the elements and from yourself. 

4) Wearing too loose or tight clothing

Loose-fitting clothes are comfortable. However, they allow the air that is heated by your body to escape, leaving you with a draft. On the flip side, too tight clothing might show off that figure but can also restrict blood flow and make you feel colder.

To solve this issue while still rocking the style you love, select clothes that are snug without being too tight. Finding this happy medium will allow for proper circulation and proper layering.

5) Wearing a jacket that is too warm

You might be scratching your head at this one, but hear me out. Most jackets are rated for certain temperatures, and selecting one that is too warm will cause you to sweat, which cools the skin and makes you feel colder. So, while looking for waterproof outerwear, make sure you also select a piece appropriate for the temperature outside. 

6) Forgetting to protect your extremities

Extremities like your head, hands, and neck cause your body to lose heat quickly. Luckily, hats, gloves, and cosy scarves are always in style. Invest in a few of these accessories to not only add style to your outfit but keep you warm. Bonus points if you choose materials like wool or fleece. 

7) Choosing fashion over function in footwear

Grabbing those high-heels is tempting because they look chic with your outerwear, but they are not the best option if you want your feet to be warm. Instead, opt for footwear with insulation like a lined boot or clog. If possible, look for styles with water-resistant material to keep your feet dry and a grip for icy conditions. 

Also, please don’t grab those fuzzy socks when choosing your socks. They might be great for at-home use, but most are made of synthetic material that prevent air circulation, causing you to sweat and make your feet colder. 

You need to balance fashion with practicality in winter

Remember that balancing fashion and practicality is essential when styling your winter attire. If you want to bend the rules, try to make it your base piece so you can layer on top of it during your outdoor journey.

Author: Niki English, fashion expert from AJG Fashion Consulting.