Seven ways to master the art of essay writing

Whether they are in high school or college, students need to complete plenty of essays and other academic papers every semester.

And while some students seem to be naturally good at writing, for the majority, such assignments turn out to be a real challenge. If that sounds like you, we have you covered! In this article, we will cover seven of the easiest ways to master this art and become a great essay writer yourself.

1) Leverage professional help

Whenever you can’t cope with another essay due to any reason, the simplest solution is to entrust professionals to do it for you. Luckily, these days, there are such reliable services as that can help you get a high grade with ease. But, there is actually much more you can get from such services.

If you decide to buy essay online, check essayservice review or other essay writing services reviews and you will  get a unique chance to learn from the pros. Apart from receiving an instant solution to your problem and an A-worthy paper, you also get an opportunity to ask professional essay writers questions, see an example of a well-written paper, and, thus, hone your own skills. So, don’t neglect this opportunity.

2) Quit procrastinating

Whenever we face a difficult or stressful task, putting it off can seem like a pretty natural reaction, and it really is. But, the problem is that procrastination will only make it worse.

What starts with putting your essay aside for a few days or so eventually turns out to cause even more stress and issues in the future. There is no secret that procrastination is the killer of productivity. So, if you are a procrastinator yourself, start acting ASAP. Only getting to work can help you get better at writing. So, don’t procrastinate.

3) Find something you enjoy writing about

If you ask other students why they hate writing essays so much, we bet that many of them will say that it’s because writing such papers can get extremely boring. That’s true. But, the good news is that there is a simple way to solve this problem – all you need to do is find something that you will actually enjoy writing about.

That is, when selecting the topic for your next essay, be sure to keep your personal interests at the core. Finding a topic you are genuinely interested in will reduce stress and significantly simplify the writing process. As a result, being inspired and engaged in the process, you will naturally get better at writing essays.

4) Do lots of research

Regardless of the topic or type of essay that you are working on, the best way to get started is to conduct thorough research. Be sure to read other essays and papers on similar topics. Also, check out books, articles, and other resources for additional evidence, claims, and ideas.

Doing lots of research will help you collect resources and data for your essay. At the same time, it can be a great tool for inspiring your writing. As a result, if you use this tip, your future essays will turn out to be more informative, compelling, and, respectively, more high-quality.

5) Get organized

One of the key elements of success in essay writing is proper organization. This rule can be applied to every stage of the process, starting from organizing your workflow to organizing a proper outline for your essay. So, here are a few organizational tips that will help you write like a pro:

  • Keep all deadlines in mind and organize your schedule respectively.
  • Organize a quiet, distraction-free space for writing.
  • During the research phase, take notes on all sources that you find helpful.
  • To keep your essays well-structured, take time to create a solid outline.

These tips are rather easy to follow. Yet, if you start using them right now, they can make a real change and help you cope with academic writing faster, easier, and better.

6) Read more

One thing that often gets in students’ way when it comes to writing essays is the lack of vocabulary. Another big issue is the lack of examples of good writing in front of their eyes. Having both an extensive vocabulary and a set of good samples can really help you write better. So, here is a tip to get you on the right track – start reading more!

Read other people’s essays, articles, books, and anything else that you find engaging. Regular reading can make you a better writer, so don’t neglect this tip.

7) Practice, practice, practice

Lastly, we have one more tip for everyone who is hoping to start writing essays like a pro – there is no better way to enhance your skills than through regular and consistent practice.

Make writing a part of your daily routine. Try devoting it at least 20-30 minutes a day and write in different genres or using different writing prompts. If you make it a habit, soon you will notice a significant boost in your skills.


These were the main tips that can make any student a pro essay writer. Follow them to take your skills to the next level and boost your grades with ease!