Seven ways any business can benefit from a flexible schedule

Today, more and more companies are starting to explore more flexible ways of working – from remote work to flexible hours.

But could this work for you? And what rewards can you expect if you go to the effort of enabling a flexible schedule? In this article we look at seven ways small businesses can benefit from a more flexible schedule.

1) Productive time management

Every person is unique, and what is good for one person can be bad for another. And office hours are no exception to this rule. Working in the hours that are optimal for your energy levels and cognition will always have a positive effect on your efficiency. However, unfortunately your perfect working hours may not match with the set working day for your business.

So if you want to get the best out of your employees, consider offering some flexibility in their working hours. Provided they are able to change their working hours (for example they don’t need to be present for customers and clients in set hours), then what do you have to lose by giving them more freedom to choose the best time for their natural energy levels?

To get he maximum productivity from your team, it’s also worth delegating tasks that are taking too long. For example, if you spend too much energy writing an essay, then you can ask a paper writer to write it for you – this will free you up from a task that isn’t the best fit for your talents and give you more time to spend on activities that will bring in greater money.

Flexibility can make your company more creative too. For example, in the 20% project employees are allocated 20% of their paid work time to pursue their own personal projects. The objective of the program is to inspire innovation in participating employees and ultimately increase company potential.

2) Employees can achieve work-life balance

Employees are often faced with situations where their work interferes with their personal life. This can be very stressful, especially when they’re balancing work with home and family commitments as well as their personal life.

A more flexible working schedule will enable employees to pursue a healthier work-life balance, which in turn will reduce stress and time off sick. Happier, employees are generally more productive and, by having the time to pursue their passions, employees can come up with more innovative ideas and creative solutions for common company problems.

3) Fewer missed working days

We’ve already touched on this, but when a company shows respect to its employees by enabling flexible schedules and a better work-life balance there are several benefits. Not least is fewer missed work days due to childcare and sickness caused by stress.

4) Increased punctuality

When an employee can choose their own working hours, they are also less likely to be late. Rather than being compelled to commute at a particular time, which may not suit their childcare or commuting schedule, they can pick the time they travel to and from work. This means they can travel at a time where there will be less disruptions and they are more Dailey able to be punctual.

5) More accountability from employees

Flexible schedules can give employees a sense of freedom and responsibility. Your business can benefit if you let people choose how much time they need to deliver the best results. In the end, the results matter more than the number of hours your worker spends on their job. Also, it will give them the feeling that the company trusts them. This feeling will empower and motivate them.

6) Greater self-care and happiness

Burnout is one of the worst consequences of unreasonable working hours. Being forced to work set hours – especially if they class with your home life – can cause stress. But with flexible working hours, your employees can design a work-life balance that works for them and enable them to take better care of themselves. This, as we’ve already discussed can reduce stress and sickness and bring many more benefits to your business.

7) Better recruiting and retention

For some employees, the ability to operate on their own schedule is more valuable than salary. Research shows that having flexible hours contributes to employee satisfaction and wellbeing. It means they are more likely to have longer relationships with an employer.

Offering flexible hours immediately makes your business more attractive to many of the best candidates when you are recruiting. Even if people aren’t looking for flexible hours, the fact you offer them says a significant amount about how you value your staff, and the kind of forward-thinking workplace you run.

Can flexible hours work for your business?

As you can see, there are many ways your business can benefit from a flexible schedule. It’s not just an arrangement that suits your employees… you win too. And by providing a workplace where people can be happy, work at their best and feel appreciated you will attract and retain the best candidates, and enjoy a loyal and productive workforce. What could be better than that?

Photo by Jessica Lewis