Seven vasectomy facts you should know

Also known as ‘male sterilization’, a vasectomy is a surgical procedure where the vas deferens are cut, in order to make semen sterile.

A vasectomy is an effective method to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and it is usually done under local anesthesia. When compared to tubal ligation for women, it is a lot less risky and much easier to recover from.

If you are interested in learning more, consider checking out the vasectomy in Wollongong. Here are seven facts you should know if you are planning to go through the vasectomy procedure.

1) How the vasectomy performed?

There are two main methods to perform the vasectomy procedure. One of them is known as the conventional vasectomy, and the other the non-scalpel vasectomy. Whichever method you or your doctor prefers, the beginning is usually the same. Your doctor will first numb the area with the local anesthetic. 

During the conventional procedure, the doctor uses scalpels to make tiny incision wounds on each side of the scrotum, while for the non-scalpel method your doctor will use a device to make tiny puncture wounds instead. 

Through these openings, he/she/they will reach the vas deferens, which are tubes in charge of transferring sperm to the semen. Once the vas deferens are cut, it will be sealed, thus making your semen sterile. The wound is then closed with dissolvable stitches that should disappear in a week or so. 

2) It is important to make this decision together

This is a decision that should not be made alone. If you are thinking about permanent birth control methods, it is important to have a discussion with your partner and family. Only if you are 100% sure that you do not want to have kids in the future, should you choose the vasectomy procedure.

Here are a couple of reasons why the vasectomy might be a good choice:

  • Your partner shouldn’t get pregnant for the sake of their health.
  • You do not want any or any more kids in the future.
  • You/your partner carry a genetic disorder.

3) It’s a generally safe and effective procedure

The vasectomy procedure can be done under local anesthesia with pain medication. You will be awake during the procedure, or you might be put under to help with anxiety. The procedure does not take long, and after the vasectomy, you are able to go home. 

4) The recovery is fast

The recovery is considered to be swift and fast. After the vasectomy, most men will be able to return to work after two or three days. You can resume your normal day activities and exercises in a week, and that includes having sex. You might experience bruising, swelling and redness, but that should subside in two weeks. 

5) A vasectomy will not affect your performance

If you are worried that the vasectomy procedure will affect your sexual performance or libido, that is not true. The vasectomy procedure will make your semen sterile, but it will not affect your sex drive at all. It will not impact your ability to maintain an erection or have an orgasm. So, you should not worry about your sexual drive and functionality after the procedure. 

6) It takes time to take effect

After the procedure, your semen will not be completely sterile. It takes some time before sperm fully leaves your body, which will happen over time. You will have to use some form of birth control until that happens. If you want to be sure whether your semen is completely sterile, you can have it tested at the doctor’s office. 

7) A vasectomy can be reversed

While this is true, this is not something to count on when deciding whether you should have a vasectomy or not. If you are not 100% sure that you do not want to have kids in the future, it is advised not to go through with the vasectomy procedure. However, if you’ve had a vasectomy and decide that you want to have kids in the future, you can opt or the vasectomy reversal. 

Discuss this with your partner and family before you decide to have a vasectomy surgery 

Keep in mind that this procedure will be much pricier than the vasectomy way. In addition, it is a 6h long procedure, and a lot more complicated and delicate. But it is a possibility! If you want to learn more check out the vasectomy in Central Coast, or schedule a consultation with our local doctor. 

If you are interested in permanent contraceptives, a vasectomy is a great choice. However, unless you are completely sure that you do not want to have kids in the future, you should not go through with the surgery. Talk to your partner and family about this decision, and consult your doctor.