Seven undeniable advantages of having a wall bed installed

With limited space in apartments and tiny homes, it can be challenging to figure out where to place bulky beds without sacrificing other important functions within a room.

A creative solution that delivers versatility, style, and space savings is installing a wall bed. Read on for seven compelling benefits of investing in a wall bed.

1) A wall bed saves space

Murphy beds fold up into a cabinet or wall when not in use, so they take up very little floor space. When closed, a Murphy bed simply looks like a typical closet or cabinet. To use cool murphy beds, you simply pull them down horizontally on their hinges. This reveals the mattress inside so you have a place to sleep. With just a quick flip down, the Murphy bed transforms the room for sleep in seconds.

2) A wall bed is easy to use

Wall beds are designed to fold up and down with minimal effort. High-quality models have easy pull-down and raise-up mechanisms that allow a single person to lower and stow the bed quickly. Many also close slowly and safely using pistons or springs to prevent injuries. With a simple tug of a handle or lift of a mattress, the wall bed transforms the room.

3) A wall bed is a stylish choice

Wall beds come in a wide variety of styles featuring different wood finishes and colors to match any room’s aesthetic. Models with cabinets, shelves, lighting, and other custom features can create a beautiful built-in look when the bed is folded up.

There are even Murphy bed models that incorporate desks, seating, storage, and shelves that fold into the wall together. With so many options, it is easy to find a wall bed to fit one’s style.

4) A wall bed increases floor space

Folding beds into the wall considerably opens up valuable floor space compared to traditional freestanding beds. Rooms feel instantly larger the moment the bed is stowed vertically. This allows more freedom to add other furniture pieces and accessories. It also makes cleaning easier without having to work around and under a cumbersome bed frame taking up floor space when not in use.

5) A wall bed is a versatile guest room option

For those who live in small homes or apartments, a wall bed creates a nice guest room without having to sacrifice a permanent bedroom. The bed can stay hidden away most of the time, instantly transforming into a comfortable sleeping space when visitors stay over. This versatile “extra” room is perfect for tiny homes and multipurpose spaces short on square footage.

6) A wall bed can increase the value of your property

Some studies show that properties featuring space-conscious wall beds and multifunctional furniture sell for more money compared to equivalent properties without these specialized features. Savvy home buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with creative space-saving solutions that allow rooms to serve multiple purposes.

7) A wall bed is quick and easy to make up

Finally, a key advantage of a wall bed is the fact that it is always ready for a good night’s sleep. There is no need to pull out sofa beds, blow up air mattresses, or layer sheets and blankets on the floor when guests stay the night. The mattress is always in place, ready to simply fold down. This leads to better rest and makes hosting overnight guests a breeze.

Could a wall bed be right for you?

When evaluating furniture options for compact living spaces, a Murphy bed or wall bed is a versatile, convenient choice. With models featuring customized storage, shelves, and desks, wall beds provide far more value than simply a place to sleep.

Taking advantage of vertical wall space allows tiny houses and apartments to feel open while still offering a guest-ready bedroom at a moment’s notice.