Seven things men often don’t understand about women

Communication and acceptance are the cornerstones of a happy, healthy relationship. When women and men understand and support one another, they build meaningful and enduring connections.

Men and women may be radically different, but they offer unique perspectives that create balanced, rewarding experiences for both genders. Here, we’ll list a few things men sometimes don’t understand about being a woman.

1) They can solve problems themselves, but they may need support

Women often lead with their emotions, and there’s nothing wrong with that—but it’s the source of countless misunderstandings over millennia. They don’t always need someone to step in and resolve their emotional issues; sometimes, they need a women’s anxiety assessment where someone listens in a non-judgmental way.

2) Why it takes so long to get ready for a night out

It’s well-known that women take longer to get ready for dates than men, but that’s due to prep work done behind the scenes. The process generally gets shorter as a relationship grows longer, but you’ll probably end up waiting for her to get ready. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the effort.

3) Women just want to feel valued and loved

Many women are insecure about their partners’ feelings for them, but men can help. A healthy dose of reassurance—a simple “I love you, we can get through anything”—works wonders. When women are upset, they don’t want suggestions, they want support and love.

4) They’ll always be a bit jealous of their man’s female BFF

In committed relationships, she will never be completely happy or at ease if his best friend is female. While most women would never speak up, it’s still not their favorite thing.

5) They feel like intruders in a man’s world, and they’ll never get over it

Although many countries have more men than women, it’s still largely a man’s world. There’s still a gender pay gap in many industries, and things deemed traditionally feminine are often dismissed as niche pursuits. By comparison, male-focused media is presented as part of the human experience. After years of being made to feel ‘less than’, many women feel like interlopers—and men don’t realize it.

6) The world is a dangerous place for women

Every woman has stories about being made to feel uncomfortable by an oblivious man, but many men trivialize these events. Women are more at risk of assault and kidnapping, simply because of their gender.

One in six women becomes the victim of sexual assault during a lifetime, and that leads many to take precautions like carrying self-defense devices, never traveling alone, and avoiding dimly lit areas. As men begin to acknowledge the additional perils women face, they create a culture of understanding and compassion.

7) The little things matter the most

When it comes to gaining and retaining a woman’s interest, men don’t always have to go big. This applies everywhere because most women value thoughtfulness over extravagance. Whether it’s a kind word or an act of service, a meaningful gesture gets more results than a dozen roses ever will.

Closing the gender gap with compassion, empathy, and love

While the genders see life differently, the best thing about unique perspectives is that they can combine to make something incredible. When men react with understanding, empathy, and love, they create safe, welcoming spaces for the women in their lives.