Seven signs you may need divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs

When the person you once loved so much you were willing to commit to a lifetime spent with them becomes your most hated enemy, it may be time to end your relationship.

And, as painful as it is, when a marriage breaks down irretrievably, divorce can be the best, most positive option.

It’s certainly far better than remaining in a toxic relationship plagued with fights, sulking, point scoring and revenge – especially if you have children.

And if you do decide to end your marriage, it’s important that you get professional legal help to ensure that and decisions are fair and legal, and the process as smooth as possible. Here are

So, if you’re considering ending your marriage, or are already in the process of doing so but finding it hard on your own, here are seven signs you may need divorce lawyers.

1) One party filed a petition for divorce

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a divorce lawyer is not an aggressive tactic. Of course, reconciliation is possible, settling things amicably and possibly withdrawing a divorce complaint. However, if you don’t consult a lawyer, your rights and best interests may not be protected during the divorce process.

Hiring a lawyer like military divorce lawyers Colorado Springs will help to ensure that you and your spouse work out an amicable resolution, whether you proceed to a court trial or not. Hiring a divorce lawyer will ensure equal and fair access to what the legal system can offer. 

2) One or both parties are not interested in making things work

While some married couples can work through their differences, others don’t manage to resolve them. A satisfactory resolution is dependent on both parties. But one of you may have reached the maximum tolerance level, and prefer to settle things through a divorce.

If one or both of you aren’t interested in finding ways to resolve your conflicts, then hiring divorce lawyers Colorado Springs is a good decision. You don’t want to keep fighting over the same things, day after day. It’s far better for everyone (especially the children) to find a resolution and for everyone to move on. And sometimes you need outside professional help to do so.

3) One of you has committed infidelity

Many couples decide to split after one has been unfaithful. While cheating isn’t a definite sign your relationship is headed for divorce, it’s usually a strong manifestation of an irreconcilable breakdown of a marriage.

One party might want to leave the marriage to be with another person, or the other person decides to end the marriage because they don’t wish to remain with a partner who is unfaithful.

The divorces can become particularly heated, with the betrayed partner sometimes using the process to punish their spouse. Hiring divorce lawyers can help to keep the process on track, and provide a buffer between the two warring sides.

4) Property is rearranged or transferred outside of marriage

It’s common for some people to attempt to remove money, stocks, jewelry, and other property from homes and marital accounts during or before a divorce, to ‘protect’ them from their soon-to-be-ex spouse.

Some people even transfer properties to other people’s names, in attempt to reduce the amount of money or property that is divided in their divorce.

If you notice that your partner is already rearranging your assets, consult a divorce lawyer immediately so your financial interests are protected. 

5) You want to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your children

Trying to keep your marriage intact can pose more problems if your children are regularly witnessing fights. If the conflict between you and your spouse is irreconcilable, it may be better for everyone to separate.

The subject of divorce can be stressful for children, because to them it just means that ‘dad and mom will separate forever’, and their life will change irrevocably. This is why your children need to be prioritised, and their feelings protected as much as possible – whatever conflict there is between you and your spouse.

Hiring a divorce lawyer will make sure that your divorce process is as smooth and fair as possible, and that your children’s safety and wellbeing is protected.

6) You want to protect your children’s financial future

Talking about financial matters is an important essential aspect of every divorce. That’s why asset allocation or division is a common dispute tackled in a divorce case. Hiring a divorce lawyer will help to ensure that both spouses get a fair and equal division of property. You’ll also know what you need to do to protect your children’s financial future.

There are instances when a spouse demands to receive financial support before entering a final divorce decree. And if they don’t get what they want, then they won’t agree to a divorce.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a divorce or not or seeking support from pending divorce litigation, you need to speak with a divorce lawyer. By doing so, you’ll know your options, and what is fair to attain equal financial goals.

7) You want to move on separately 

If being together is a nightmare for both of you – very far from the romance when you were newlyweds – then getting divorced can be the healthiest option for everyone.

And the process doesn’t have to be fraught and toxic; many married couples who were divorced become good friends in the long run.

Talking to a divorce lawyer will give you expert advice about available options to help you work things out or legally settle things. It’ll make the divorce process much easier and smoother, so you can move with your life, start afresh, and maybe even find a new relationship after divorce.

Photo by Chris Barbalis