Seven reasons why more women should consider a career in construction

Considering a career change? Or just starting out and working out where to focus your job search? Read on to discover seven reasons why you may want to consider working in the construction industry.

Perhaps one of the most male-dominated industries is construction. While there are numerous industries that have, over the years, made significant advancements in gender diversity, the construction industry is still predominantly men.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 3.4% of the total 8.3 million construction employees are women. The industry is steadily becoming a more popular and rewarding profession for women and in this article we will be looking at seven reasons why women should consider a career in construction

1) Diversity inspires and encourages growth 

According to research carried out by the Harvard Business Review, diversity within the workplace helps inspire new ideas that encourage company growth. 

Welcoming women into construction can help bring new ideas, introduce new strategies, and ultimately grow construction businesses more effectively. Hiring a diverse workforce is one of the best ways to optimize your team and grow your business. 

2) Women can help drive change

Deciding to work as a woman in construction opens the door for other women to consider a career in this industry also. What’s more, as a woman in construction you can help drive change within the industry. 

For example, are there alterations made to women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or in need of flexible working hours? As a woman in construction, you have the unique opportunity to drive change from the inside of the institution. You can get people thinking and talking about changes that could be made to make construction a more attractive option for women. 

3) Job opportunities are available 

The coronavirus pandemic has meant numerous company restructurings and thousands of people being put out of work. Jobs are in high demand and applicants are sending out CVs left, right, and centre.

Currently, the construction industry is experiencing a shortage of laborers And with new build properties and commercial working spaces popping up faster than ever, many construction companies are finding it difficult to meet the rising demand. Women joining the construction industry will provide much-needed support. 

The construction industry is always looking for more workers. Companies in the UK are embracing the opportunity to diversify their team. Tony Hobbs, Managing Director of Southern Sheeting commented on his recent hire for an eCommerce Manager: “[Jo] will play a key role in supporting us on our digital journey, achieving our ambitions and growing our online capabilities. Jo’s experience and enthusiasm for helping companies realise a digital transformation is just what we need to take [our] offering to the next level.” 

From planning and project management to eCommerce and Marketing, the varied roles within construction are extensive and offer room for career development and growth for anyone looking to start a career in construction.

4) It’s the perfect career for problem-solvers

Are you someone who gets excited about problem-solving? Construction is the ideal industry to utilize this skill. Against popular belief, construction doesn’t just require physical strength. Workers must be effective at solving problems. This is another reason why more women should consider a career in construction. 

Whether you are on-site with the bricks and mortar, in the office creating those all-important blueprints, or managing the budget, construction offers up plenty of opportunities to problem solve. You can ensure the success of projects of all sizes, solving problems as they arise and seeing through a project from start to finish. If you love problem-solving and being involved in every aspect of a project, construction is a great career option for you. 

5) You can make the most of scholarships and higher education 

Have you always wanted to go to university and earn a degree? Or perhaps you want to get your A-levels? The construction industry offers up a plethora of scholarship and training opportunities.

So, whether you want to further your construction career or you want to study while you work, construction can help provide the financial support you need. If you have always wanted to further your education, construction helps to make educational opportunities more financially feasible. 

6) You can help to change perceptions and culture

Today’s culture still looks at construction as an overly male-dominated industry. And it is. However, by stepping out and considering a career in construction you are helping to change others’ perceptions and transform the culture. 

Dr Mittie Cannon, Founder of the initiative Power Up shares, “I want to make sure that when young girls are interested in construction knock on the door, myself or any other industry professional is there to answer it and any of their questions.” 

Even if other women are interested in a career in construction, the fact the industry is so heavily male-dominated can feel intimidating. All it takes is one woman to make the jump and you can become a mentor, inspiration, leader, and advocate for other girls and women keen to join the industry. It’s time we changed the culture. Construction is an excellent career option, whatever your gender. 

7) You can participate in driving industry success

According to a study carried out by McKinsey & Company, companies with diverse teams that included women were 21% more likely to be profitable than those that were not.

As the construction industry tries to deal with the various challenges of staff shortages and productivity, there is increasing opportunity for women to enter the field and make their mark. And, as you can see, women are helping drive the success of the construction industry and are having a significant impact on company growth. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why women should consider a career in construction. If you are considering a career in construction, we hope this article encourages you that it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, drive positive change, and further your career. 

Photo by Charlie Deets