Seven online beauty hacks you must try

The internet is full of weird and wonderful discoveries. And among them, you’ll find popular beauty hacks. We share seven you might want to try.

In the past, beauty tips were shared from mother to daughter and between friends. They were gleaned from movies and magazines, and the odd trend came and went.

Today, we’re bombarded on a daily basis with beauty hacks online and social media. And all you need to access them is a Spectrum Phone Number and a high-speed internet connection. 

Some tips make sense, and others are, quite frankly, crazy-sounding (pantyliners for eyeshadow guides anyone?). In this article we’ve rounded up seven viral online beauty hacks that we think you might want to try.

1) Using vaseline while doing your manicure 

When we apply nail paint, a fidgety hand can let the nail paint spread to the skin, which results not only in a messy manicure but also doubles the work. The internet suggested that Vaseline or any sort of good quality petroleum jelly should be applied around the nail that will prevent the nail paint from sticking to the skin.

We loved this hack! Now putting on nail polish has become hassle-free and the Vaseline leaves your toes so soft.

2) Applying dry shampoo at night and then sleeping it off 

We all have those days when we want to look good with unwashed hair; however, the grease loaded on the scalp prevents us from looking our best. For this very reason, dry shampoos exist and they give a fresh look to our hair.

However, an internet user suggested that we leave the dry shampoo on overnight as it not only adds volume but also gives a much better result. We tried it and yes, the results were better than the instant dry shampoo experience. Nevertheless, it also depends on the quality of the product – the better the brand, the better the results!

3) Cover your dark circles better 

Wondering why the expensive concealer is not working the way it is shown in the advertisement to work, or how it works on models? It might be because you are applying it wrong.

Videos on the internet emerged of beauty bloggers creating a filled triangle shape under their eye rather than dotting the concealer, which gives better coverage and a more radiant, dark circle-free look. We tried it and though it does not have to be a perfect triangle, it does give better results than just dotting under the eye!

4) Make your lashes look fuller 

You think you may know this one but here us out! It is known that to make eyelashes appear to look bigger and fuller, one should coat them with mascara multiple times.

The internet added a little twist to it. So, apply the mascara, then cover the lashes with a coat of baby powder or face powder and then coat it with mascara again. We tried it and this led us to believe that the internet is truly a work of art!

5) Make your nail paint dry faster

We all know how impatient we all get when we are running around with nail paint on our hands and feet, swinging them here and there, so that the movement helps them dry faster and somehow during all this chaos, we usually end up ruining the nail paint.

The internet came up with this great hack: when you have applied the final coat, dip your hands and feet in cold water (basically cold water with ice) and it’ll dry your nail paint up in no time!

6) Smell great for a longer period 

Instead of applying perfume and deodorant, again and again, you can make the scent of the already applied perfume longer.

The internet has unleashed a wondrous secret. Apply Vaseline to the spots where you apply the perfume and then proceed to apply the perfume. The application of Vaseline will keep the perfume scent intact for a longer period! Though this works, one cannot help but get Vaseline stains on clothes. 

7) Make your lips look fresher without the dead skin

Instead of nibbling on your lip to remove dead skin and accidentally bruising it, it is better to remove dead skin professionally. Apply your normal balm on your skin, probably a medicated one that leaves your skin supple, and then gently rub your toothbrush on your lip. This will help get your skin to shed dead skin!

Try these beauty hacks

The internet is filled with crazy beauty hacks. However, it can get confusing working out which ones to try and which need to be avoided. Hopefully you won’t find these seven tips too unusual. And who knows? They may save you time and hassle, and give you even better results.

So you can soon be boasting fresher lips, fuller lashes, and smell more lovely for longer. And what’s not to love about that?