Seven of the best remote jobs for stay at home mums in the UK

Are you looking for jobs for stay at home mums in the UK? Read on to discover seven of the best remote opportunities right now.

According to a survey, women with child-care responsibilities are 32% less likely to report that they intend to leave their job if they have access to remote work. This shows how the benefits of working flexibly from home really are fundamental to enabling the main caregiver to continue working when raising a family.

In these post-Covid times, the working world has become much more flexible. Gone are the days when employees were required to be in the office all week. Now, many organisations allow and even encourage hybrid and remote jobs for stay at home mums, or anyone seeking a bit more flexibility in their working week.

It was hard to find flexible jobs for mums in the past

In the past, it was hard to find flexible jobs for mums. There were part-time jobs, sure, but these tended to be junior roles, with a low salary, minimal benefits, and often requiring individuals to actually be present, in the office, for a set number of days or hours a week.

Of course, with the school day being relatively short, the need to travel to an office could really eat into the hours that individuals had available for work. Add in the long summer holidays, and it’s not surprising at how tricky it could be for mums to find interesting work, with relatively decent pay.

So, the Covid era allowed us to test out the digital working world, and what a world it has proven to be! Now there are so many remote jobs for stay at home mums. It really is an exciting time, and in this article, we are going to explore some of the best flexible jobs for mums.

The best remote jobs for mums in the UK

OK, so what are some good work from home jobs for mums? Well, if you’re wondering what professions suit remote working, you may be pleased to hear that there are loads! In fact, the sky is the limit, pretty much – even GPs are working flexibly, from home! 

It’s been a long time coming, but it really does feel like interesting, senior (and junior) roles are well within the reach of women and men in need of more flexibility, to work around family life.

From accountants and bookkeepers, to HR directors, IT professionals, lawyers, marketing managers, sales coordinators, office administrators and more, there are so many professions for which it’s possible to find remote jobs.

Seven of the best, remote jobs for stay at home mums

So, we’ve pulled together a list of the top jobs which allow flexibility in terms of hours and hybrid or remote working. We’ve also given a flavour of what skills and experience might be needed for the different roles, and of course given the all-important details about salary.

Here are seven of the best, remote jobs for stay at home mums.

1) Remote marketing jobs for mums

Whether you’re after for an entry-level marketing role or a senior team leader position, there are so many jobs for mums at home, in the marketing arena. All the tools required for the job are digital and therefore accessible remotely, and meetings can easily be conducted online.

“Remote marketing roles can be perfect for stay-at-home mums to leverage their multitasking skills and inherent creativity,” states Jared Bauman, a CEO and business owner of a digital marketing agency.

“The digital marketing sphere, in particular, is conducive to flexible work environments. It demands a blend of analytical and creative skills which many moms naturally possess due to their diverse daily experiences. From crafting compelling content to strategizing marketing campaigns, these roles allow for both professional growth and personal flexibility.”

The kind of skills and activities stay at home marketing roles may require include:

  • A good communicator with excellent creative writing skills
  • Writing marketing plans and campaign strategies
  • Using digital systems to help with organising, scheduling and distribution
  • Managing a marketing budget
  • Tracking and reporting on activities and results
  • Writing engaging text and articles for websites, social media, newsletters and brochures
  • Designing and posting graphics and films on social media
  • Working with design and publicity agencies
  • Organising and attending events
  • Applying for awards
  • Business development

Salaries for remote marketing jobs range from entry-level at £22,000 to senior directors and heads of department at £60,000.

2) Remote HR jobs for mums

HR work opportunities have historically, largely been office-based. However, these days, more and more HR jobs are being offered as hybrid or remote.

Skills and activities stay at home HR roles may require include:

  • Leading or supporting on the recruitment process, including posting advertisements, writing
  • job descriptions and interviewing
  • Writing or consulting on procedures and policies
  • Developing and introducing new initiatives and systems
  • Creating and developing new programmes and training sessions
  • Leading or supporting on legal compliance, employment matters and working conditions
  • Supporting the organisation in the process of grievance or disciplinary issues
  • Creating and updating employee records
  • Carrying out general HR administrative tasks

Consultants’ salaries range from £20-25 per hour, and remote senior HR executives can command annual salaries of around £45,000.

3) Remote accountancy jobs for mums

Accountants are always needed, and nowadays there are fantastic, senior career jobs available for mums and dads needing flexibility.

Skills and activities stay at home accountancy roles may require include:

  • Handling the recording and reporting of all transactions and statements
  • Ensuring the timely publication of financial statements
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Reconciling accounts payable and receivable
  • Calculating taxes and handling tax returns
  • Auditing financial documentation and transactions
  • Maintaining financial health, and reporting on liquidity

Salaries for remote accountancy jobs depend on industry bandings, and generally speaking, experienced accountants can earn around £45,000 a year.

4) Remote bookkeeper jobs for mums

Like accountancy, there are now many more flexible and remote jobs for stay at home mums, experienced in bookkeeping. It’s one of those occupations with little need for interaction with others, and where the work allows for ‘dipping in and out’ – perfect for fitting into busy family life. 

Skills and activities stay at home bookkeeper roles may require include:

  • Double entry bookkeeping, which is he balancing of the accounts
  • Handling invoices, payments and receipts
  • Preparation of cash flow statements
  • Completing VAT returns
  • Preparing invoices for HMRC
  • Checking bank statements
  • General administration relating to financial paperwork and filing

Depending on experience and familiarity with the different accounting systems, you could expect to earn from £18-25 per hour as a stay at home bookkeeper.

5) Remote administrator jobs for mums

Administrator roles nowadays make ideal remote jobs for mums at home, because systems are digital, files can easily be shared and meetings held online. Work can often be done around school hours, or organised in the form of a job share.

Skills and activities stay at home administrator roles may require include:

  • Managing filing systems
  • Booking and arranging meetings and events
  • Organising travel and accommodation
  • Ordering office supplies and stationery
  • Maintaining and updating databases
  • Pulling together presentations and reports
  • Dealing with general queries

Salaries for remote administrator jobs range from £22,000 – £28,000 per year, FTE, according to experience and the requirements of the role.

6) Remote IT jobs for mums

IT roles make excellent job as organisations pay well for senior people with good experience.

Skills and activities stay at home It roles may require include:

  • Maintaining the safe and smooth running of computer networks and systems
  • Replace hardware and parts, as necessary
  • Assisting employees and customers, to set systems up and fix problems which may arise
  • Install and set up hardware and software systems
  • Assist in introducing new applications
  • Create accounts and profiles for new users, and assist with login / password problems
  • Troubleshoot system problems

Salaries for remote IT jobs range from £20,000 – £60,000 per year, FTE, according to experience, level of seniority and whether you’re on payroll or consulting. 

7) Remote business development and sales jobs for mums

Sales and business development roles have perhaps always afforded a level of flexibility, owing to the requirement of being out and about, visiting clients – depending on your geographic patch, it may have been quicker popping home than going back to base.

But there’s no doubt that post-Covid, flexible jobs for mums in the field of sales and business development are much more abundant.

Skills and activities stay at home business development and sales roles may require include:

  • Creating a growth plan, with the aim of satisfying customer needs, profitably
  • Using research to identify new business and new product or market opportunities
  • Nurturing strong relationships with customers and prospects
  • Networking and booking meetings with prospects
  • Promoting the benefits of your product / market to the customer / prospect
  • Delivering presentations to senior leaders and decision makers
  • Creating contracts, and ensuring T&Cs are followed
  • Keeping detailed customer records, and status of sales, revenue and invoice payments
  • Feedback to customer services and after-sales support division
  • Train and develop junior staff into proficient and professional salespeople

Salaries for remote business development and sales jobs can reach £50,000 FTE basic, with generous commission structures, and consultants can expect to earn £150-£200 a day.

There are more stay at home jobs for mums in the UK today

So, the working landscape really has transformed post-Covid. The good news is that nowadays there are many different remote jobs for stay at home mums, bringing huge opportunity to women everywhere, wanting to bring their skills and experience to interesting career roles, which allow them that all-important level of flexibility.

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