Seven of the best online relationship counselling platforms

Need help maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your partner? Here are seven of the best online relationship counselling platforms.

Maintaining relationships and keeping a strong emotional bond between partners is hard work for both of you. It requires much involvement, effort, dedication, and a desire to overcome the inevitable day-to-day challenges.

A simple misunderstanding in your relationship can undo or damage what you have built for years with your partner. Sometimes we all need help to:

  • Solve relationship issues
  • Access emotional support
  • Talk about our feelings
  • Get to the root of any conflict
  • Learn coping skills
  • Improve communication

When it comes to getting help, it’s always better to turn to the professionals. Help can be provided by licensed therapists, and counselors from online mental health services.

Online relationship counseling is an effective and convenient way to help you stay on track, especially if you’re busy or can’t travel to a face-to-face session.

If you’re new to online counseling then you may need help finding the right platform to provide the most effective help and a positive experience. So here are seven of the best online relationship counselling platforms to choose from.

1) Calmerry

The onset of COVID-19 came with its fair share of challenges. People are facing a significant amount of problems and need more emotional support than before. And relationship issues is one of the top reasons why people have been seeking psychological help during the pandemic. 

To provide reliable, affordable, and convenient support, a group of entrepreneurs created the Calmerry platform. Although it has not been in existence for long, it has become very popular very quickly.  

Calmerry has fully-licensed and experienced professionals who can support you and help you find the roots of any conflict, and come up with the best solutions for dealing with relationship crises. Their therapists can talk you through any emotional struggles and work on effective strategies to help you deal with anxiety, depression, stress while in relationships or break up and divorce. 

If you are looking for an affordable counselor online, you may want to give them a try. You can maintain your anonymity and privacy by using a nickname. 

The platform’s agents match you with the most suitable therapist, depending on the responses you give in the short questionnaire. 

The platform is HIPAA-compliant and you can access it from any device. When you join you are matched with a counselor from your state, and they will identify your preferences and needs.

Therapy starts from $45 and you choose a subscription plan you are comfortable with. The support team is available 24/7 to respond to your questions and you can change your therapist at any time for free.

2) Regain

Regain provides conveniently accessible online counseling. Their certified professionals have 1,000+ hours of working experience and at least three years in the field. If you find it hard to deal with relatioship issues, you can turn to their experts for help.

Regain connects you with a professional who understands your relationship needs. Couples use a joint account for their therapy sessions and choose to chat, make calls, or use video sessions. You have the option to stay anonymous.

You determine the length, nature, and frequency of your sessions. The platform responds quickly to any client questions and private meetings are available for those who need them.

You can choose a subscription that convenient for you. Weekly payments are between $60 and $80, and when you are no longer interested in the therapy, you can opt-out of the subscription.

3) Talkspace

Talkspace is a platform where you can get solutions for different mental health issues, including relationship counselling. With a $396 monthly subscription, you have access to expert therapists. 

Before you subscribe, talk to your partner about what you want to achieve. After a consultation with the website’s representatives, you’re marched with a therapy who can help you with your particular situation. Their experts can help you to deal with emotional issues arising from:

  • Infidelity
  • Divorce
  • In-laws issues 
  • Intimacy issues, etc.

You can access the website through any device and test the suitability of the service through the free trial period that lasts a week.

4) OurRelationship

OurRelationship make it clear that they do not offer therapy for couples. Instead, they have a self-improvement program or course that takes you eight hours to complete, and which you can do at a pace that suits you.

If you want to take the program with your partner, it is possible to do so. You can even use their guide on how to persuade your partner if they are unwilling to take it. 

If you wish you can also take the program individually. The course helps you to improve your communication and reconnection skills. The program costs $50 and $150 without and with a specialist, respectively.

5) E-Therapy Café

If you need convenient, effective counseling, you might want to try E-Therapy Cafe. They have professionals who are well-versed in different relationship-related areas. Their experts can help you to improve your communication, work on disagreements, and develop respect in a relationship. 

It helps people who need online counseling but do not want to subscribe to long-term plans. One session cost $50, but you can save when you pay for longer session blocks. For example, they charge $300 for a block of eight sessions. They also have a 10% discount for students.

6) Growing Self Therapy 

At Growing Self, you enjoy diverse relationship counseling online. They can support you psychologically when dating, during the pre-marital stage, and in marriage. The service offers a free consultation for people who want to have a feel of what they offer before committing. 

Their sessions are 45 minutes long. The charges depend on the expertise of the counselor. They range from $95 to $150. Sliding fees are offered to those who cannot afford to pay the whole amount. The service has longer sessions for those who need them.

If you need a support group, you can find it here. The groups can help you recover from a break-up, find a perfect long-term partner, and strengthen your relationship. 

7) Couples Therapy Inc

At Couples Therapy Inc, couples can enjoy therapies and retreats. The platform assesses the nature of your relationship issues before giving you access to therapy online. Initial interviews take 90 to 120 minutes.

Couples can participate in therapy sessions regardless of their location. The price range is $145 and $295 for each session of 80 minutes. You pay $3,000 for weekend retreats.

Get started by choosing the right therapist

Teletherapy can help you overcome hurdles in your love life and improve your bond with your partner. It’s also helpful support during and after break ups. 

The counselling services reviewed above have therapists who can help you through whatever relationship issues you need to solve. Each of the services has its own unique features, so choose the one that fits you best and you feel is most likely to help you solve your problems.

Kate Skurat is a licensed mental health counselor with a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Kate has worked in healthcare since 2017.

She primarily treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and grief, as well as identity, relationship and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience has focused on individual and group counseling, emergency counseling and outreach.