Seven of the best home office organisation hacks (according to TikTok)

March marks the start of spring cleaning and there’s no better place to turn for cleaning and organisation hacks than TikTok.

BuyDirectOnline, one of Australia’s largest online furniture stores, has crunched the numbers to identify TikTok’s top home office and desk organisation hashtags.

From this list, they’ve analysed the most ‘liked’ videos under each hashtag to uncover the most relevant and common hacks from creators that you can easily incorporate into your spring cleaning calendar. Here are the seven top home office organisation hacks they found on TikTok.

1) Opt for a light bar to save space

When looking under the #desksetup and #desklamp there was an overwhelming consensus that a light bar reduces eye strain especially when working at night. A light bar will also help save room on your desk as there’s no need for a desk lamp and a light bar won’t impact the monitor display, even if it’s hanging directly above the screen.

Content creator @jonimperial explains in a video that has 1.5 million views that “the light shines down and tapers off kind of like an inverted ‘v’.” You can also buy a light bar that allows you to adjust the brightness and colour temperature helping you to work more efficiently while saving precious desk space. 

2) Boost productivity and space with an ergonomic chair

Sitting at your desk for extended periods can put a strain on your back. Many TikTok users, including @eileenwidit_ have recommended an ergonomic chair as hers comes with “a lot of cool features like this three-directional armrest but my favourite part is that there is a retractable footrest.” 

You can read more tips on how to make your office space more ergonomic here.

3) Use draw dividers to organise your stationary and supplies

For the hashtags #deskorganization, #organizers and #stationairysupplies, the overwhelming advice was to invest in draw dividers to help organise your draws.

In a video shared with her 2.5 million followers, TikToker @kami.larae uses draw dividers to organise stationary and electronics such as paper clips, pens, scissors, iPhone chargers, headphones and box cutters. Draw dividers are inexpensive and come in many different sizes and shapes meaning you can easily store small desk items in an organised way. 

4) Move your desk to the middle of the room to maximise space

Designer @jordansamsondesign suggests avoiding cubicle replicas as they can take up a lot of space. He says most people only need a 40 to 60-inch desk which feels “visually lighter.” In terms of layout, he suggests “a floating desk in the middle of the room with a combination of closed and open storage is ideal.”

This simple hack can make your space feel more open and inviting while avoiding blocking natural light which can often happen when your desk is placed directly in front of a window. #standingdesk also has 18,600 posts and can be a great option for those looking to incorporate a little bit of movement throughout their working day.

5) Add an adjustable laptop stand to help with ergonomics

We saw a lot of creators on the platform suggesting an adjustable laptop stand, particularly if you use more than one screen. @bourntocreate says her adjustable laptop stand “might be the best purchase she’s got”. She says her laptop stand could be used for exactly that or an iPad or cookbook. She said it would help her husband who “looks at like four or five screens per day so it will definitely help with ergonomics.” 

6) Organise your digital space as well as your physical

Having a clear working space is great but don’t forget about all of your digital junk too. Organise your computer software but removing any old files and clearing out the desktop to easily navigate to the files you want.

TikTok user shared with her 45,000 followers how to remove desktop icons by right-clicking < view < untick show desktop icons. She also suggests using Wallpaper Engine or Lively Wallpaper to save the perfect background. There are many other great features such as using a transparent taskbar to help make your digital space look as organised as your physical.

7) Small desk organisers can make a big difference

There is no shortage of desk organiser recommendations on TikTok, including cable organisers which have over 3,000 views under that hashtag alone. It was the most highly recommended product as cable organisers or cable management boxes are relatively cheap and save you a lot of time untangling in the future. Other popular items include a foldable headphone holder and a magnetic cord holder.

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