Seven key benefits of custom embroidery design

Looking for ways you can promote your brand or bring a unique design to life? Discover seven ways custom embroidery designs can help. 

The more potential customers are exposed to your branding and messaging, the more likely they are to notice and buy from you. In fact, according to marketing experts, they need to see your branding as many as SEVEN times in order to remember you. 

And personalising your uniforms, workwear or accessories is a great way to raise your brand exposure. As is getting custom designs made, and even sold. In this article we’ll look at seven of the key benefits of custom embroidery designs when it comes to promoting your business – and how you can use them in your personal life. 

1) You will look more professional

These days, almost anyone can start a business. You can set up as a trader, put up a cheap or free website and promote yourself on social media easily and for little cost. So it’s not surprising that people are becoming wary of trusting businesses they don’t know well. 

Having a company such as Mato & Hash embroider your uniforms and apparel or even accessories with a custom design or your logo can help set you apart from less serious (and potentially less trustworthy) businesses.

Firstly, it demonstrates that you are prepared to invest in your brand and reputation. And secondly, a company that does that isn’t going to let all that effort and cost go to waste with sloppy products and services. 

Making the effort to customise your workwear also demonstrates that you intend to be around for a while. Which also demonstrates that you take the quality of what you do seriously, and are invested in your business. 

And aside from all that, you’ll look much smarter with branded outfits on, which will make a positive and lasting first impression when you meet new and potential customers and clients. 

2) You’ll be more memorable

A great logo or custom designed embroidered onto your uniform or workwear will help customers to easily recognise and remember you – and help you tick off one of these essential seven touch points for brand memorability. 

You’ll also help to increase your likability, thanks to something called the Mere Exposure Effect. According to this psychological phenomenon, we tend to develop a preference to things when we are more familiar with them. So making sure your logo or custom design is prominent and in sight whenever you or your employees are in eyeshot can help boost the feelings of goodwill towards your business. 

Importantly, it can also help your team to stand out in a crowded environment, such as a trade show or exhibition, and help you and your customers to easily spot your employees. 

3) It’s more durable

If course, custom embroidery isn’t the only option you have when it comes to personalising items and promoting your brand. But it’s certainly one of the most durable. 

One option some companies opt for is screen printing. However this technique doesn’t age well. In the sun it can fade, and with washing over time it can become tired, cracked and faded – none of which reflects well on your brand. 

Custom embroidery, like that you’ll find from Shop Strange Portland Oregon has much more longevity. With embroidery you don’t need to worry about ink fading or colours bleeding together. Instead, high quality embroidered designs look crisp and fresh and can last a long time. Meaning that whatever you choose to have embroidered – a hat, jacket, t-shirt, shirt, apron, beach towel, bathrobe, blanket or bag – you can wear or use it over and over again. 

4) You can embroider lots of different fabrics

With other personalisation techniques, like screen printing, you can be limited by the type of fabrics you can work with. But with custom embroidery you can choose from a wide variety of materials, including thicker fabrics that can be difficult to print on, like fleece or denim. 

You can also choose to design custom embroidered patches with your logo or other unique design and add these to your apparel – or give away as promotional branded items. 

5) They’re a great marketing tool

Which brings us nicely to our fifth benefit: marketing. Not only do custom embroidered items help with brand awareness but they can also be used directly for marketing. This can be by your employees wearing embroidered items, but you can also give them away, or even sell them. 

Some companies create desirable items like beach blankets and polo shirts with a custom design or their logo and market and sell them, or offer them as freebies. The most popular promotional items are outerwear, followed by t-shirts, hats and bags. 

6) It can be used in any industry

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small sweetshop, or send out 100 truckers a day on the road, every business can benefit from custom embroidered items. You can embroider aprons and uniforms, and even personalise items with your employees’ names. 

Whatever industry you are in, custom embroidered items will help grow your brand and make a good impression with customers and clients. 

7) You can use it for personal reasons 

So far we’ve focused on the business benefits of custom embroidery, but it’s just as useful for personal reasons. Looking for a unique gift for a friend, relative or co-worker? Why not get a custom design embroidered on a sweatshirt, blanket or bathrobe?

You can also create uniforms for sports and other clubs you are a member of. You can embroider your team name or mascot, and team members’ names or numbers on your shirts. Or you can just treat yourself with an embroidery of a design you love, maybe even your favourite band name or even a drawing by your child. 

When it comes to custom embroidery the options are endless, whether you are looking to promote your business or sports team, or create something personally for you or someone you love.