Seven gift ideas for women that you can find online

Trying to find the perfect gift for a woman? Here are seven ideas for gifts you can buy online.

It’s not always easy to find a gift for the birthday or special anniversary of a woman. Whether you are buying for a partner, sister, mother, friend, or colleague, you’ll want to find something they love, that they may not already have, and that reflects both the occasion and your relationship.

It’s even harder when you’re busy and don’t have time to visit the shops. Worse, it’s even difficult if you don’t have much choice in the shops near you. Luckily, websites like Pixels have a wide range of gifts for women you can buy without leaving your sofa.

So, to help inspire you, we’ve put together some ideas for women’s gifts you can buy online.

1) A movie night in a box

Don’t fancy going out? Why not treat your friend or partner to a movie night at home. To make it special, you can gift her a movie night in a box. There are many different options online to choose from. You can even build your own with some websites.

The general theme of most boxes definitely seems to be sugar! They often have a mix of tempting sweet treats, including candy, chocolate, and even more kits. Of course, no movie night would be complete without popcorn.

Your treats are then beautifully presented in a movie-themed box. So, all you need to do is pick a night, choose the movie, grab a blanket, plump up the sofa cushions, and relax! This gift is perfect for busy women, like entrepreneurs, as they’ll be looking forward to relax after a tiring day at work.

2) Personalised gifts

Want something a bit more unique? Why not go for a personalised gift? As they say, the most precious gift that anyone can possibly receive is those that has a personalised touch. You can get pretty much any words or images printed onto a wide range of items.

Fancy putting a smile on her face every morning? Why not order her own mug with her name or other personalised messages on it?

Want her to think of you every time she cuddles up in winter? Treat her to a beautiful cashmere wrap that’s personalised with her initials. Or, if you really want to leave a lasting memory for the times you’re not there, you can even have your face printed onto a cushion or gift her a unique gift basket!

3) Charity sponsorship

If you’re choosing a gift for someone who’s tricky to buy for but big hearted, why not make a charity donation in their name? Or, you can pay for a sponsorship?

You can sponsor everything from a child’s education or an animal to the planting of a tree or a room in a homeless centre.

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it doesn’t contribute to global consumerism. Instead, it helps make the world a better place. So, rather than giving a present they can tangibly hold, give them something much more precious: the warm-hearted feeling of having helped someone or something.

4) A printed t-shirt

There’s one thing that every woman needs – and that is clothes! So, why not buy her a printed women’s t-shirt? Find a style she loves and an image or slogan that reflects who she is, what she likes, or what she stands for, and she’ll never want to take it off.

Find a good t-shirt site and you can choose between a wide range of categories, including animals, cartoons, celebrities, food, humour, movies, music, patterns, politics, art, and much more. You can also choose different shaped and coloured t-shirts to ensure it perfectly matches her taste.

5) A bonsai kit

Are you trying to find a gift with a difference for someone with green fingers? Why not give them a grow-your-own bonsai kit? Bonsai kits usually come with seeds, starter growing pots, compost discs, plant makers, and growing instructions.

This is a present that’ll keep them occupied and will reward them for years to come, as they have the satisfaction of seeing their miniature bonsai grow and take shape, especially when it’s displayed in the home or office.

6) A pamper box

Does the woman you are buying for need or deserve a relaxing treat? If so, why not consider buying her a pamper box? You can tailor it to her tastes. If she’s into ethical, natural products, you can buy a cruelty-free kit with products made without harmful chemicals.

If you know she loves a soak in the bath, you can buy a kit focused on this – maybe with beautiful-smelling, luxury products and a scented candle.

You can also try to find out her favourite products and brands, and find a pamper box that contains these. Make sure you buy special products rather than everyday items she already uses. There’s something lovely about being given products you’d never normally splash out on for yourself.

7) Chocolate

Last and absolutely not least is our own personal favourite: chocolate! There can be few people who don’t love chocolate, and, as a gift, it’s often a winner. Not only will chocolate boost your cognitive performance and reduce your chances of stroke, but it’s almost guaranteed to bring a smile to any woman.

You can go classic and give her a traditional (nice) box of chocolates or artisan homemade chocolate. Or you can go wild and wacky and investigate all the weird and wonderful things people make out of chocolate.

You can get personalised chocolate bars or characters. You can get chocolate taster kits, hot chocolate kits, and chocolate making kits. You can even get chocolate Donald Trump building blocks to buy a chocolate wall if you were looking for a joke gift.

If she loves chocolate bars, you can buy her a chocolate selection gift box with a KILO of chocolate bars, which is basically chocolate heaven for someone with a sweet tooth. If she’s a gin lover, why not gift her a gin and tonic chocolate bouquet? Check out Garden Street to complete your gin and tonic chocolate bouquet, and treats her to two of her favourite things with gin and chocolate!

You can even get gourmet chocolate pizza slices, chocolate tools DIY sets, and even chocolate makeup sets. Basically, whatever she’s into, we bet you could find the appropriate chocolate-based gift to surprise and delight her with. If you’re lucky, she may even share some of it with you!

What gift will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed these seven ideas. Even if they’re not what you’re looking for, they at least inspired you to start looking for the perfect gift online. We know it’s out there!

Photo by Brooke Cagle