Seven female YouTubers you need to know about in 2022

There’s never been a shortage of star female YouTubers, but this year there are more women than ever before.

These women are re-shaping the world of the social video platform and providing information and entertainment on a diverse range of subjects, from chateau living in France to how to better manage household finances to what it’s like living in the world’s most northerly town.

Here are the top seven female YouTubers that you need to watch – and watch out for – in 2022 and beyond!

1) Stephanie Jarvis – The Chateau Diaries

With over 200,000 subscribers, you’ll be in good company as you watch Stephanie and her two best friends undertake the challenging restoration of Chateau de Lalande, a 16th-century historic French building with extensive grounds.

Friends and family from all over the world pitch in to help with this huge project, which sees the previously dilapidated chateau given a new lease of life – and lots of love. The most recent episode of The Chateau Diaries takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the courtyard’s past and the work being done to return it to its former glory.

Check out an episode, or have a look at a YouTube short for a taster of Stephanie’s journey and the many obstacles that need to be surmounted to breathe life into Chateau Lalande once more. If you find yourself hooked, you may be interested in supporting the ongoing renovation – and in return, you’ll get an extra exclusive video to enjoy every month.

2) Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen 

Laura Vitale is an Italian-American celebrity chef who has her own YouTube channel where viewers can cook along with her! Her engaging manner and delicious recipes have made her an internet sensation, and her channel boasts nearly four million subscribers to date. 

Laura’s passion for cooking and using quality ingredients comes across in every one of her videos. Cook along with her to create dishes such as Viral Cowboy Caviar, One Pan Orzo Chicken, and Shrimp Po Boy. There’s a library of handy playlists, too, so if you’re looking for a selection of recipes for everything from bread to ice cream, you’ll find it in Laura’s kitchen.

3) Justine Leconte

Justine Leconte is a fashion designer who is passionate about sustainability and ethical practices. Via her YouTube channel, she shares fashion tips, talks about how her experiences of living in different countries around the world have informed her style sensibilities, and reveals the best color clothes to choose for your individual skin tone.

In her most recent video, Justine helps viewers out with hacks and tips to sort, clean, and store their wardrobe to create a capsule collection – and shares a hack for making doing the laundry a more environmentally friendly process.

4) Eva zu Beck

Adventure traveler and YouTube vlogger Eva zu Beck’s channel offers viewers a unique insight into her ‘raw’ experiences and recounts the stories of the individuals and communities she meets – and often lives with – along the way.

Whether it’s spending a fortnight on a cargo ship, living in the desert, or horse trekking alone in Mongolia, Eva’s travels are both uplifting and inspiring.

5) Jahanna James – Funny Olde World

Jahanna is an actor and comedian who loves ancient history and is keen to fill her viewers in on the marvels and masterpieces of the past. Join her as she travels to sites such as Giza, Petra, and Stonehenge, tracking down ancient technology, lost civilizations and trying to solve historical mysteries as part of her journey.

If Jahanna seems familiar, but you’re racking your brain to think where you’ve seen her before, she starred in the 2020 film ‘Body of Water’ and also appeared in ‘The Sound,’ which was released in 2018.

6) Clever Girl Finance

The focus of this YouTube channel is empowering women to free themselves from debt, save money and build wealth. New videos are uploaded onto the platform every Sunday.

Videos tackle a wide variety of subjects, from how to tackle problem spending to ways to save money if you’re on a low income to ideas for fun things to do with friends that are totally free. The platform is designed to educate, inform, and support – links can be found on the channel to a variety of free courses to further help women get savvy with their finances.

7) Cecilia Blomdahl

And last but by no means least on our list is Cecilia Blomdahl, a videographer and photographer living on Svalbard, an arctic island close to the North Pole. On her channel, Cecilia aims to show her 266K subscribers how magical life can be in the arctic wilderness and to share the magnificent views and the stories of the people she meets who also live in this unique community.

Watching daily life unfold in Svalbard, the world’s northernmost town is compelling and beautiful: Cecilia captures the surreal majesty of the midnight sun, as well as what life is like in a log cabin with no running water. Some of her recent videos have concerned, among other things, the alcohol rationing on Svalbard, grocery shopping, and the effect on the body of sustained periods without sunlight.