Seven easy elf on the shelf ideas to try this Christmas

Whether you’re getting prepared or trying the tradition for the first time, it can be tricky to find fun new ways to display everyone’s favourite naughty elf and ideas can be hard to come by.

Thankfully, home experts at Bensons for Beds have shared their favourite, easy ideas to display your elf this Christmas to ignite that festive feeling. Read on for seven simple ideas you can try your hand at in the run up to the big day.

1) Christmas-wrapped lunches 

If you want to get your kids in the right frame of mind for Christmas, wrap their lunches in Christmas wrapping paper. Then, blame it on the elf. A simple note stating “I’ve prepared your lunch” with the elf sitting proudly beside their lunchboxes is enough to put a smile on their faces at any age. This particular Elf on the Shelf prank would work really well if done in line with your child’s school’s Christmas lunch day.

2) Caught red-handed

Grab a Christmassy coloured nail varnish – a glittery red is the festive vibe we’re feeling – and paint someone’s toenails. This prank would work better if you could rope someone who wouldn’t ordinarily paint their toenails into joining in the fun!.

For the ultimate surprise, have the kids spot mum or dad fast asleep in bed with their nails polished unaware! A cryptic note could help to ramp up the excitement too.

3) Elf on holiday

Fuel your children’s imaginations by popping a postcard from their elf on the shelf through your front door. This one is a great tool if the kids have been misbehaving recently. Use the postcard to point out their naughtiness and remind them again that Santa (and his elves) are always watching.

A quick note stating that their elf will return once they start behaving better should be enough to get them to rethink their actions.

4) Digging for treasure

As adults, we’re well aware of how easily things get misplaced between the cushions of chairs, couches, and sofa beds. So, why not create a fun spin on this concept using your Elf on the Shelf? Position the elf nose-down between the cushions and beside it place a pile of loose change, small toys, and other hidden gems.

5) DIY sleigh ride

Another great Elf on the Shelf idea is to create a sleigh out of your child’s favourite toys in their bedroom. But you can be as far-fetched and funny as you like while creating it. So, why not have your elf riding a digger pulled by dinosaurs? Or how about riding a surfboard pulled by farm animals? Embrace weird combos – when it comes to kids, the weirder the better – and elicit a chuckle from the children in the morning.

6) Elf gone camping

Pop your elf into one of your (or one of your children’s) socks, stick a couple of mini marshmallows on a small stick or twig, and place some more sticks and twigs in a campfire shape next to its makeshift sleeping bag. When your child or children wake in the morning, they’ll think the elf has been camping out for the night.

7) Toilet roll snowman

Build a tower of toilet rolls and draw a simple snowman onto the outer sheets of paper. Then, sit your elf somewhere close by and surround it with all of the coloured pens used to create your snowman design. The children will think it’s hilarious while the adults get to enjoy a brief respite from cleaning up post-elf shenanigans.

For more Elf on the Shelf ideas visit the Bensons for Beds website where you can also find more helpful information for the festive season including tips on how to sleep on Christmas eve.

Photo by Misty Ladd