Seven clever ways to add storage space to your home

Need to make more space in your home? Stuck for storage solutions? Read on for seven clever ideas to try.

Are you tired of tripping over a mess? Maybe you love the idea of a minimalist look, but have too much clutter currently to achieve it? Or perhaps you need to find a more dramatic way to make room for a new hobby or business, or to store your larger possessions? 

One way to solve all of these problems is to de-clutter your home to make it feel more spacious, and even secure a space you can work in. 

If this is the case, then the answer lies in finding clever ways to add more storage space to your home. So it looks clearer and more empty, while secretly concealing all the belongings you can’t bear to part with. 

If that sounds like what you need, read on for seven clever ways you can add more storage space to your home.

1) Under the bed storage

One of the easiest and most popular ways to store items is under your bed. The old fashioned way was simply to store boxes under your bed. But today you can actually buy beds with built-in storage underneath, such as a wide range of divan beds UK. And given the size of beds, this storage can hold quite a lot!

It makes complete sense to make use of this otherwise-unused space under your bad when you think about it. And there are several clever options for doing so. 

Some beds have a platform that lifts up your mattress, enabling you to fill the space underneath it – neatly out of sight. Others, meanwhile, have even built clever compartments and bookcases in the space under the bed, making a design feature of the storage. 

2) Get a storage ottoman

An ottoman is a popular addition to many living rooms. It enhances your decor and can multitask as a stool, chair, foot rest and even coffee table. 

What you might not have considered though, is that it can also be used for storage. Some ottomans have a lift up lid that reveals a spacious storage area inside, perfect for blankets, books and even toys and games. 

It’s an easy way to keep your living room tidy, especially if you have children using it in the day time. 

3) Invest in an outdoor workshop

If these suggestions seem too unambitious for the amount of space you need, and you have the land to build it on, you could consider buying a workshop. You don’t need to hire a builder and draw up plans – today you can get prefabricated steep building kits with quick and easy assembly

These kits are cheaper than building a building from scratch and can be the perfect way to house your overspill of belongings, or even give you space to spread out and work in if you need. 

4) Buy a storage system

One way to keep your home tidy and clutter free is to buy a storage system. There are many clever designs available today for pretty much every budget. Many of these systems are modular, which enables you to design and purchase them precisely for the space you want to fill. 

They can even be stylish, adding a design-look to your home and making a feature out of a practical solution. 

5) Use ‘hidden’ storage benches

Similar to the ottoman and bed idea, another way to add more storage to your home without using up any extra space is to use hidden storage benches. These are benches where you can sit but that have hidden away storage underneath them (hence the name!). 

These are most often used in hallways and gardens and are a great solution for tidying away shoes and small garden tools, keeping them out of eyesight and your hall and garden clear. 

6) Switch to kitchen hanging racks

How may drawers and cupboards do you have in your kitchen that are a mess of pots and implements? Not only can this stress you out every time you open them, but it can be hard to find exactly what you need, when you need it. 

Enter kitchen hanging racks. Like storage systems these actually make a feature out of a storage solution. They are often designed to be seen and admired, and make it easy for you to store your most attractive pots in a way that makes it easy for you to find them when you need. You can even get magnetic wall racks for your knives. 

This clever storage idea makes the most of your space – especially if you have a small kitchen – and frees up your cupboards and drawers. It could even give you an excuse to buy more kitchen gadgets!

7) Maximise behind the door hanging racks

Okay, this idea might not sound very revolutionary right now, but bear with us. Many houses may have a hook behind the bedroom or bathroom doors for robes. But are you making full use of your door space?

As well as hanging clothes on hooks behind these doors, you can buy a whole range of clever storage solutions designed to make doors do more of the heavy lifting when it comes to de-cluttering. 

You can buy hanging racks for the inside of your wardrobe doors to store shoes, small clothing items and accessories. You can buy hanging storage for inside your kitchen cupboard doors for cleaning implements and small food items, such as spices. And you can even get multi-hooks to make more use of the back of your spare room and bedroom doors. 

How much extra space can you find in your home? 

These seven ideas are just the start – there are so much more clever solutions for making the most of your space and keeping your home tidy. We hope you have found them inspiring and are busy planning ways you can make more of the space in your home.