Self care tips from incredibly busy people

As women in business, we’re typically told that we’re too much, or that if we put ourselves first we’re selfish. But that’s not incorrect.

Self-care does not imply selfishness or indifference to the needs of others. Looking after your mental, emotional, and physical health is essential if you want to perform well in business or do the things that need to be done every day. 

When it comes to putting yourself first, who better to take advice from than the most successful people in the world? To help you increase the amount of self-care in your life, we put together a list of self-care tips from incredibly busy people. 

For instance, did you know that Oprah Winfrey makes it a point to take Sundays for herself as a spiritual time to reflect? This tip is backed by research – 94% of vacations have been shown to improve energy and output of employees. Rest is so, so important!

And Beyonce the Queen B? She makes sure to take care of her body and mind. By focusing on her mental health first, she is able to curb burnout and stress, which is good, because she’s always got something going on.

In the infographic from The Derm Review below, you can find more inspiring tips from super successful people. We hope this is enough to start or continue to make some much-needed positive changes in your life. 

When you practice self-care, you’re nurturing your best self so that you can appreciate life’s challenges in an empowered, compassionate, and powerful way. 

Photo by Jan Kopřiva