Sam Haskell shares five scholarships for creative types

Want to go to college but are short of money? Here five scholarships for creative types, shared by Sam Haskell.

College can be quite costly, but there are great ways to cut down on the expensiveness. Scholarships are key to making college affordable, even if your plan is to enter a creative field such as the entertainment industry.  

Below are several scholarships you can apply for. Remember to look at the prerequisites of each and check your eligibility before you apply.

The Sam Haskell Scholarship

The Sam Haskell Scholarship focuses on helping students who can’t afford college on their own. Every year, this scholarship gives $1,000 to a high school senior or a college/graduate student to cover some of their tuition costs.

As long as the student is a high school senior or in college, they may apply for this scholarship. The application involves writing an essay based on a prompt given for that year. For example, this year’s essay involves students sharing an experience from when they were young and how it has helped them in their pursuit of higher education.

The ESPN Scholarship

The ESPN scholarship focuses on assisting black women seeking a career in the sports media industry. This is a $3,750 scholarship that goes directly to help pay for tuition. This application requires applicants to write an essay about the importance of having black women’s participation in sports media. The essay must be between 750-1,000 words.

Students who receive and are awarded the scholarship, are encouraged to write two blog posts that will be shared on the Alliance for Women in Media’s blog and on social media. As you apply, you will need a letter of recommendation from a professor that teaches in a related field, and you will need to provide proof that you’re a student.

Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship

This scholarship isn’t specific to one area. As the website’s name implies, you can submit a sample work that displays one of your skills for a non-traditional career path. This includes performing arts, visual arts, journalism, and even communication.

This scholarship will award you with $1,000 for tuition or other school-related fees. There are some prerequisites to keep in mind. You must be a permanent resident in theU.S., and you must be at least 25% Asian, Pacific Islander, or a combination of the two.

Once you submit your sample, you will be judged in five different categories, and you’ll receive a rating based on those categories. They include the work itself, your academic performance, leadership experiences, any letters of recommendation, and an interview.

Media Fellows Scholarship

Media Fellows focus on helping students that want to work in advertising, public policy, or both. This includes a wide range of majors such as advertising, marketing, business, political science, and many others.

They expect you to write an essay as part of your application along with a letter of recommendation and your resume. You will also need to conduct a phone interview where you will need to explain your career plans, past academic achievements, and your financial situation.

Barbara Caras Memorial Scholarship for Film Students

This scholarship exists to help five students every year by rewarding them each with $2,000. Keep in mind that this scholarship is designed for people who go to school at a Florida University and who live in the Sarasota or Manatee counties and plan to work in a creative field. The submission itself also requires the applicant to have at least a 2.75 GPA or higher.

You will have to include at least four essays in your application and share a sample of your work to demonstrate your industry skills.

These scholarship options can be hugely beneficial if you plan to work in a creative field such as entertainment. Make sure you review all of these options so you can apply and seek assistance for college.