Reintegrating into the workplace post-Covid: Five tips for creative women

The Covid pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions have significantly changed the business landscape and how companies run operations.

Now that the corporate world is slowly inching back to normalcy, their employees are also prepping for the challenges they’ll encounter when reintegrating into the workplace. Here’s what you can do to ensure a streamlined transition into usual work patterns for gainful and productive functioning. 

1) Explore better job prospects

Like most professionals going back to work, you’re probably exploring your options and positions that pay better. If you’ve used the stay-at-home time to further your skills and qualifications, you might just be able to apply for high paying creative jobs.

The most exciting facts about industries like digital marketing is that you can use your college degree and expertise and combine it with technology to work jobs that pay more. For instance, if you have extensive training and experience as a lawyer, you can use the internet marketing platform to acquire clients from global locations. Consultancy services are always a great starting point to connect with clients before helping them file suits and organize formal appearances in court . 

2) Choose from different work models 

You could take your pick of companies offering positions where you can work full-time, similar to the traditional work model. Many corporate structures have chosen to adopt a hybrid business model where their employees are required to log in limited hours on the office premises and spend the rest of their days working from home. 

If you work in the digital marketing sphere, you might just get the opportunity to work entirely from home just as you did during the pandemic. Of course, you can expect better efficiency and team management with more companies adopting tools that facilitate remote working. When reintegrating back into the workplace, you have the option to choose a work model that better aligns with your life goals. Most professionals opt for a healthier work-life balance by taking advantage of such opportunities. 

3) Look for companies that offer more perks

With more companies attempting to acquire the best talent available in the industry, they are open to offering more attractive perks. Search around for positions where you can get mental health support to overcome the stress and anxiety triggered by lockdowns.

Health and dental insurance, childcare coverage, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), life insurance, and paid vacations are only some add-on benefits included in the hiring contract packages. Retirement accounts, use of the company car, and profit-sharing could sweeten the deal. 

4) Prepare your psyche for going back to work

Diving back into office working hours can come as a lifestyle shock after having spent months on Zoom meetings. Ease into a regular workday by visiting your office ahead of the opening date. Walk around the premises and tidy up your desk. Chances are that you didn’t have much time to pack away your stuff, considering how lockdowns were often instituted without much warning.

You might want to clean up and dust off your work surfaces if you’re office has been unused for a while. Set up new family pictures and bring over current favorite belongings like a coffee cup, inspirational quote, or a plant or two.

Reorganize your daily routine to match a typical working day ahead of time. Start prepping meals and scheduling grocery shopping over the weekends. Also, work out daycare for your kids and pets if you need to.

5) Invest in an updated wardrobe and wellness products

In the post-COVID era, professionals are opting for a new dressing style that combines comfort and  functionality with a smart, well-turned-out look. Stretch pants with elastic waistbands, flowing dresses, stylish skirts, and button-down shirts with sneakers or practical shoes in place of heels are a part of the new workleisure wear. Organic bath and beauty products like body lotion containing CBD should find a place on your dresser. 

Reintegrating into regular workdays after the pandemic poses many challenges for professionals. You have a better chance at overcoming them if you know what to expect.

Accept that your workplace will have gone through significant changes with new faces coming in, upgraded methods of operating, and perhaps, new management. Or, that you’re getting oriented into the new company you joined. Use these tips for easing into regular work and making a successful transition. 

Photo by Keren Levand