Ready to free yourself with a road trip?

We’ve spent much of the past year lcoked down at home. So when the opportunity to hit the road and explore beyond the limits of our town arises, it can be tempting to grab it. 

Forget jetting off to exotic beaches and distant deserts, this year’s getaway is more likely to be by road as more and more of us plan domestic breaks. And what better to transport you on your road trip than a mid-size crossover SUV. Its side makes it the perfect choice for both family adventures and solo escapades. Or you might be a fan of a Korean SUVs, such as the 2021 Kia Sorento or the all-new Kia Seltos.

So who is your perfect road trip companion? For many of us we wouldn’t dream of hitting the road without our family. For others, after months of being cooped up in the same house, traveling solo after a long time would feel heavenly. Or maybe you prefer the idea of a Thelma and Louise-style adventure with a friend (less the dramatic ending)?

Whether you plan to travel alone or with companions, the lure of the open road can be strong. Just you, your car, some music, some snacks and a plan. What could be better than the perfect road trip. All you need now is to pick a destination… 

What’s your road trip destination?

So where will you go for your first road trip after lockdown? Will you return to places you’ve loved in the past? Beach resorts with happy memories? Favourote cities? Or do you yearn to explore new sights, sounds and smells? 

Half the fun of a road trip is the anticipation. Deciding where you’ll go. Researching accommodation. Checking out local restaurants, bars and entertainment. Planning adventures. Making a playlist for the lon road trips. Shopping for picnics.

Make sure you’re ready for any situation by packing an emergency kit that includes a first-aid kit, a multitool, a headlamp or lantern, a physical map, blankets, and batteries. Also, consider bringing a two-way radio such as a compact citizens band radio (or CB radio) for emergency communications and to get updates from other road users.

Don’t forget your satellite navigation device in case you go somewhere with no network. If the ratio isn’t good, try changing your setup or changing the length of the antenna. To tune your antenna, you’ll need an SWR meter for CB radio.

Some people are natural planners and will create a detailed itinerary for their trip, and book all their accommodation and restaurants before they’ve even left their front door. Others prefer more spontaneity and other than some basic, minimal research will let fate decide where they stay when they arrive. 

Really be in the moment and savour the experience

Exploring an unknown location can reinvigorate your enthusiasm if you’ve been feeling a litte stale of late. You can lay down new memories and explore new terrain and meet new people. You can also reconnect with nature after spending so much time at home – maybe a hiking break or camping? After so long away from nature it will seem all the more beautiful.

Wherever you go, take the time to savour it. Take your time to observe your new surroundings and let all your senses absorb it. Try to avoid the temptation to pull out your phone and start snapping and taking videos to share on social media. 

Really experience the moment yourself. Capture it in your mind and heart, so you can recall that moment in the future when you’re sat behind your desk again. You will never get this moment again, so live it to the full, and don’t let it slip by without extracting everything you possibly can from it. There’s plenty of time to share your experience with others later on. 

Don’t be afraid to rip up the map and start again

Sometimes you can set off on a trip with a pre-planned agenda. But what if you change your mind? What if you discover a new destination or attraction you hadn’t heard of before? Or you like a place so much you fancy staying longer?

The best part about traveling solo is the fact that you can be spontaneous. You don’t have to ask others what they fancy doing, stick to plans that suit a group, or take into account anyone else’s wishes or needs. You can simply go where and when you please, and change your itinerary at a whim. 

So if you fancy staying longer somewhere, you can. If you like the idea of a diversion to a new location, you can go with it. Don’t be afraid to rip up the map and make a new plan (or even drive without one). All you need is a tank of gas and you’re good to go!

Where will you go for your next road trip?

So where will you go this year? Do you have far flung family you want to visit? Or even relatives in the next town? Do you fancy an outdoor adventure? Or have an urge to get to the beaches or lakes? Do you fancy a tour of your favourite cities? Or like the idea of visiting somewhere completely new? 

If you want to be really adventurous you could try sticking a pin in a map blindfolded and see where it ends up and make that your new destination? With the right car to get you there, plenty of adventure awaits!