Read our top 10 stories on redundancy

Are you facing the prospect of redundancy? Or struggling to find a new job after being made redundant? Read our top 10 stories on the topic.

In these articles you’ll find everything from expert advice to help you regain your confidence and start or reinvigorate a job hunt, to inspiring stories of mums who have turned redundancy into an amazing new opportunity.

Read our top 10 stories on redundancy

Redundancy doesn’t have to be the end of the world (or even just your career), even if it can fee like it at times. Read our top 10 stories on redundancy and get inspiration and advice to help you turn it into an exciting new start.

1) Seven tips to help you move past redundancy

‘Redundancy’ is often the word people fear most professionally. But with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to be the end of your career.

In this article, Jane Jackson shares seven tips to help you move past redundancy and get your career back on track.

2) Coping with redundancy as a working mum

It’s never nice finding out that you’re being made redundant, but as a working mum, the news can come as a bigger shock.

You may worry that you won’t find another position that offers you the benefits or flexibility of your old role. Or you could find your already-fragile post-baby confidence knocked even harder.

In this article we explain how to check your rights, deal with your feelings, stay confident, create new opportunities, cope with rejection and stay positive, to help you get your career back on track after redundancy.

3) How two mums turned redundancy into success

To prove that redundancy really doesn’t have to mean the end of your career dreams, we interviewed two mums who, after being laid off from their job share position as a business analyst, turned their passions into two thriving businesses as an artist and personal trainer.

4) What to do when your job search stalls

It’s easy to begin a post-redundancy job hunt full of optimism (especially if you’ve always found jobs quickly in the past), only to slowly feel more and more disillusioned as the weeks go by without a job offer.

To help you revive your job search, in this article Jane Jackson shares her positive seven-step strategy and some inspiring words of wisdom.

5) How to tidy up your CV in less than half an hour

If you’re looking for a new job after redundancy, you need to make sure your CV is up to scratch. To help you make sure your CV is ready to be critiqued by a recruiter, we reveal how you can tidy it up in less than half hour with 12 simple tips in this article.

6) 10 steps to getting work ready after a career break

If you’ve used redundancy as an opportunity to take a break from your career, you may find the prospect of launching into a new job hunt quite daunting.

To help you get on track, in this article Emma Cleary takes you through 10 steps to getting work ready after a career break.

7) How to talk your way into the job you want

Have you seen an amazing job you’d love to go for, but you don’t quite match the requirements? Don’t let that stop you!

In this article, we reveal the secret of talking your way into your dream new job – even if you’re not a perfect fit on paper.

8) How to avoid the seven most common job hunting mistakes

If you’ve been looking for a post-redundancy job for several months without much success, maybe it’s time to change your strategy.

In this article, Jane Jackson shares the seven most common job hunting mistakes – and how you can avoid them.

9) How redundancy led to an amazing new career

In 2003, when she was 12 weeks pregnant with her eldest child, Sharon Hockenhull was made redundant. The news was a major bombshell as she’d never expected to be in that position.

However, today she’s very grateful as that redundancy was the catalyst that allowed her to start a successful garden maintenance business and a career as a double RHS award-winning garden designer and landscaper. Read her story here.

10) Four toxic beliefs that are sabotaging mums’ success

Is your career (and happiness) being sabotaged by one of four common toxic beliefs? And are these beliefs limiting your opportunities to find a new job you love?

In this article you can find  out what these beliefs are, and read strategies to help you overcome them.