Three ways you can earn money online from anywhere

Over the past few years the number of people earning money from their laptops has increased dramatically. If you’re curious about doing the same, here are ways you can earn money online from anywhere.

There are many reasons why you might want or need to earn an income online. Maybe you want to supplement your full or part time employment income to save up for travel, a car or your first home. You could decide to travel and earn money on the road. Or perhaps you can’t rely on paid employment for some reason so need to find an alternative.

Whatever the reason, earning money online can give you more control over your life and more financial options. However, actually working out what you can do online to make money isn’t always easy.

So, to inspire you, in this article, we explore three ways that provided you have a good internet plan with frontier internet services, or a good internet provider in your area, you can earn money online from anywhere. You do not necessarily have to go with an expensive one but do make sure to opt for the best internet providers with great reviews. On that note, let us get started with the online methods to make money.

1) Earn money through affiliate marketing

This online income option is popular because it can give you a consistent ‘passive’ income… but only once you have done the hard work upfront! Anyone can set up an affiliate account with online vendors – everything from e-commerce stores to online educators, and even sites with game casino offer commission for sending customers their way.

But actually finding the people to click on your affiliate links is another matter. In order to make a good (and consistent) income from affiliate marketing you need two important things:

  • Somewhere (such as a website and emails) to host your affiliate link
  • People to click on your link

For the former you may consider building a small website promoting your offer. Most people who find success in affiliate marketing tend to focus on a specific niche, such as fitness or earning money. They then build a small website that will attract the right people and help encourage them to click on their links.

If you want to go one step further, you can encourage those people to join your mailing list (usually with the offer of a free resource such as a tip sheet) and periodically email them with offers containing your affiliate link.

Once you website is ready you then need to find people to visit it. There are a number of ways you can do this. The cheapest in the long term, but hardest work in the short term, is by building your SEO so your website appears on Google search. If you are after a quick win, then some form of advertising (PPC or social media ads are popular) can help to bring the right traffic. Just make sure that you don’t end up paying more per lead than you earn in commission!

And finally, you can also work to build a social media following and build relationships with other people online to promote your website. Like SEO this takes a lot of work to get going, but once you are established is a cost-effective way of bringing in consistent traffic.

2) Earn money from gaming

If you are a passionate gamer, you could think about following in the footsteps of others and turning your hobby into your job. According to statistics, over 2.5 billion people worldwide enjoy playing online games, but very few of them know how to monetize this activity. And there are many ways you can profit from your passion:

  • You can become an esports professional and earn on tournaments, live-streaming, and advertisements
  • You can check some NFT games, allowing you to make money while playing – but this method requires initial investments
  • You can become a gaming journalist: if you are good at creating texts and know the industry well, it’s a great way to learn about it more and get additional cash

The gaming industry is fascinating and changes daily, so you’ll never get bored. If you are excited about this potential money-making opportunity, search for some potential options that could be suitable for you.

3) Earn money from a blog

We are all good at something, so why not share your thoughts and knowledge with other people on a blog that you can monetise? Think about what expertise or knowledge you have that others would love to know more about, and consider whether you would enjoy creating content about it.

Of course, blogs very rarely earn you an income from the start – this is one of those options where you need to put in the work. But if you are passionate about your topic, are prepared to put in the work, and have researched your audience so you know what they need, it is possible to earn an income from blogging. You can even make use of things like paywall software to monetize your content as easily as possible. 

So how can you monetise a blog? Here are some options:

  • Collaborate with different organizations and advertise their goods and services
  • Create a personal online store and sell items your audience want or need – these can be your own products or products you source from suppliers (drop shipping is a popular option)
  • Introduce a paid subscription if you are confident that your content is valuable enough that readers would be ready to pay for it
  • Create courses or lessons on a subject you know really well

Many people assume that blogging is a saturated market and that it is too late to get a foothold, but this isn’t true. There are still so many niches to explore, and even in established markets there is room for newcomers as long as you genuinely have something to offer.

How can you make money online?

There are just three ways you can earn money online. There are many more options you could explore if none of these are right. But we hope they have inspired you to consider your possibilities.

And if w can leave you with two top tips for success, the first would be research thoroughly first to ensure there’s a market for what you want to do and that you will enjoy it, and the second would be to play a long game and put in the work.

Many people embark on this journey, but the ones who are successful follow these two tips. Good luck!