Purpose and calling: Jennifer Corrigan’s rise to success

We love stories of women succeeding in male dominated or unusual industries. And of all the ‘unusual’ industries you might not expect to find a woman heading up, it’s sanitation.

But that’s exactly what Jennifer Corrigan has done. From humble beginnings, she’s risen to the top of the male-dominated portable sanitation industry. And today’s she’s one of the world’s authority figures on the subject.

To explore her admirable and inspiring achievements in the portable sanitation industry, we take a quick look at some of the companies she’s worked for, and the organisations she’s a part of – and heads up.

The portable sanitation industry

The portable sanitation industry has revolutionized the way people hold events and parties outdoors. The chances are, if you’ve attended a festival or outdoor event, including an outdoor wedding, you’ll have used a portable toilet at some point.

The portable toilet is self-contained equipment that can be easily installed to allow access to toilets if there aren’t any (or enough) permanent bathrooms for guests and staff to use.

Many events, including weddings, are now are being held in open spaces with no existing accommodation and services, and portable toilets make them possible.

Just think: without portable toilets, how would outdoor festivals and large public events be possible? And even personal events, such as outdoor summer weddings. The humble portable toilet is an essential feature of any outdoor (and some indoor) event in which you need to carer for a large number of guests and staff, and there aren’t enough adequate fixed facilities to service them.

Jennifer Corrigan began her career in the portable sanitation industry in 2002, and she credits her success to the people who have helped pave the way for her. These include Monica Brown of Sarabia’s in Texas, Tammy Thompson- Oreskovic of Arnold’s Environmental in Wisconsin, and Karen Holm of On-Site Sanitation in Minneapolis. 

Jennifer Corrigan was the vice president of a company called T&M Portable Restrooms before it was sold, and consequently catapulted her into business development in the corporate world.

Jennifer’s vast experience includes running an independently owned company that was locally operating in Florida, and growing the business nationwide, and even expanding worldwide.

Her expertise in the industry grew with these experiences, and her calling became more apparent as she found herself back in her roots.

JW Craft

JW Craft Portable Restrooms has been operating and providing a wide range of portable restrooms in Southwest Florida for 30 years. They specialize in catering to providing the needs of different important events and other special needs.

Regularized by the Federal Department of Transportation, they have installed a sophisticated GPS tracking system for their service trucks in their commitment to delivering their services without delay.

Jennifer Corrigan went from the corporate scene to becoming the President and Owner of JW Craft Portable Restrooms – fulfilling her calling to be part of a company that is customer-oriented and service-based in the local scene.

JW Craft also placed significant emphasis on quality control and excellent service as they built long term relationships with their customers. 

Sanitation Solutions

Sanitation Solutions is another company that provides a range of different services, including training for product assembly and special events to help their clients’ staff in managing their needs for their own events.

They also have natural disaster training given that hurricanes frequent Florida and the Caribbean Islands, and can help in training other company’s staff in preparing for these.

The company can also provide shopping and logistics and local deliver, and are involved in construction projects that are in need of portable toilet amenities.

Jennifer Corrigan acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Sanitation Solutions, Inc., which is located in South Naples, Florida. The company offers both services and a wide range of products, from portable restrooms and sinks as well as portable toilet necessities like deodorizers and lighting solutions.

True to the company’s name, they are a company dedicated to providing solutions to any sanitation problem, so any project or event can be possible and comfortable for both their clients and their people. 

Portable Sanitation Association International

The Portable Sanitation Association International (or PSAI) is an international trade association that governs the expansion and improvement of portable sanitation and facilities, which is the largest in the world.

Their headquarters are in Minnesota, USA, and have been in operation since they held their first meeting in New Orleans way back in 1971. In 2020, PSAI welcomed its new president – Jennifer Corrigan.

Jennifer has been a member of PSAI since she started in the industry in 2002. She was first elected to the board in 2016, and succeeded in being appointed as secretary to the Executive Board of Directors the next year.

She served as treasurer and vice-president before being appointed president. Jennifer’s success today is a testament to her commitment and passion for portable sanitation.

Jennifer’s success also reflects the career opportunities in the portable sanitation industry – particularly for women. Today she’s an experienced, influential and inspiring industry leader, and enjoys a fulfilling career that’s her calling and purpose.