Planning a course? Get our FREE course launch checklist

It’s so much easier to plan a brilliant course and successful launch when you have a plan to follow. So we created this free checklist for you.  

There’s so much you need to do when planning a course – and so many important elements you can easily forget. So that’s why we’ve created this free checklist

It’s based on the process we use to create and sell our profitable courses, and includes 78 different actions organised into eight manageable sections: 

  1. Course prep
  2. Launch prep
  3. Tech prep
  4. Design
  5. Email marketing
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Webinar prep
  8. Content

All you need to do is focus on one section at each stage of your planning, complete it and move onto the next. It’s simple and foolproof and ensures you don’t miss any vital part of creating and selling your course.

So if you’re thinking about planning a course, or are currently in the midst of planning or selling, click here to get our course launch checklist now and make it reassuringly easy.