Pick of the Week – printed Mango culottes

Looking for smart-but-comfortable summer occasion wear? Find out why Karen Skagerlind loves these printed culottes from Mango.

I’m a trouser girl at heart, so when choosing summer occasion wear I find it hard to find the perfect dress. I’m definitely more comfortable in tailored trousers and culottes but it’s often a challenge to get the balance right between too dressy and dressy enough! Step forward this swishy pair of printed culottes from Mango.

A considered placement print means they have enough drama, with the darker colours cleverly hitting at the waist and thigh helping to disguise any problematic areas, while also being relaxed. They exude confidence, especially worn with a flat strappy sandal and silky shirt as Mango have styled them here.

So be the sophisticated guest this season, standing out for the right reasons and not having to worry about rising skirt lengths on sitting or teetering around on sky high heels. Let these statement print culottes do all the work so you can relax and enjoy whichever summer event you’re invited to.

Buy printed culottes from Mango, £79.99