Pandemic work habits you will continue in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’

Now that we’ve rounded the corner on the pandemic and red tape has been nearly stripped away, it’s time to return to the normal way of life once again.

Of course, things will be a little different this time around, and it will take some time to adjust. What work habits will you continue to apply to your daily routine, and which ones won’t make the cut moving forward?

Here’s what CEOs, managers, and business leaders are saying about making the shift back to the real working world better than when we left it.

Smart scheduling

Time management – definitely the most underrated skill of 2020, and any work-from-homer can confirm! We could all be smarter about how we schedule and manage our time each day.

“The one pandemic work habit that I will take back to a ‘normal work life’ is taking small breaks to be outside. Working remotely has allowed me to take a walk around the block during the workday, which is very rejuvenating and calming. It allows me to reset my mind and boosts my productivity for the day. Plus it’s just nice to get outside into the sunshine during the workday.” – Elliot Kim, CEO of Brevite

“Successfully working from home is a skill, just like programming, designing or writing. It takes time and commitment to develop that skill, and the traditional office culture doesn’t give us any reason to do that.” – Alex Turnbull, Founder and CEO of Groove

“I have found that sticking to a routine helps, but it’s also great that the routine can be flexible. The trick is finding that balance, sticking to a stable routine each day, with added flexibility to deal with unexpected curve balls that life throws at you.” – Michael Erasmus, Data Lead at Buffer

“Planning out my work day! By taking time out of my morning (or the night before) to sit down and write out my planned meetings and my project schedules has allowed me to fill the rest of my day more efficiently. I am now able to complete my projects and tasks faster by utilizing my productivity.” – Michael Waxman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sundays for Dogs

Healthy habits

Hopefully, you’ve embraced some healthy habits during lockdown and can keep up the momentum as we all return back to work.

“One habit that I will continue to do even as we slowly move back to a ‘normal workday’ is unplugging from the news/social media. Throughout all of the craziness and sadness that 2020 brought, I learned to unplug from everything for a little bit every day. This allowed me to keep my sanity through it all and keep my stress levels down. As we go back to normal, I will definitely be continuing to unplug for a little bit every day.” – Omid Semino, CEO of Diamond Mansion

“Starting each day with intention has been a work habit that I intend on carrying over to the new normal work life. Having the morning so open to how I would like to live before starting work has been wonderful. So, as we go back to commutes, offices, and normal life I will continue to start each day with intention.” – Ajay Mehta, CEO of Birthdate

“As we move past the pandemic, one thing that I hope to continue in all of my business levels is the same level of empathy. Things slowed down, and people seemed to go the extra mile to be helpful and considerate. Continuing this type of business strategy is something that our customers not only expect, but also deserve.” – Rachel Jones, Head of PR at Shop Hope

“Moving into what many are calling the ‘new normal,’ I’ll continue to allow myself those moments to relax, de-stress and brainstorm for new ideas and strategies. While things will surely pick up pace little by little, we can’t forget that we were all able to get a phenomenal amount of work done in a productive way – during very uncertain circumstances. Let’s not forget that.” – Heidi Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of Because Market

“Incorporating a walk into my morning routine! I have found that taking myself out of my house in the morning to get some fresh air and get my body moving has significantly improved my productivity and my happiness levels!” – Joe Parenteau, Co-Founder of Fable Home

“Take your breaks! When you are working in an office, it can be much easier to separate yourself from your work to take a quick break. At home, it is a little bit more difficult. When it is time to take your lunch break, close your laptop and focus on yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, close your laptop and take a quick walk around the block to collect your thoughts.” – Chris Vaughn, CEO and Founder of Saucey

New tech advantages

We’ve all spruced up our tech skills and capabilities in the past year – we had no choice! The time we spent learning and mastering new technology will definitely pay off.

“Some of the technology that I’ve come across during the pandemic literally saves me an hour or more every day, specifically doing simple tasks that I never even thought could be automated. I can’t imagine a workday without this tech now. So, it is one thing that I will definitely take into the new normal.” – Travis Killian, Owner and CEO of Everlasting Comfort

“Now is the time to do a complete audit of your technology and the tools you use each day to get things done. Identify the software that’s helping you, and get rid of anything taking up space or adding to your confusion. Get organized and be prepared, because every organization needs all hands on deck right now.” – Aidan Cole, Co-Founder of Nailboo

“Maybe you’ve set up a personal ecosystem of apps and processes to get things done at home, but when you move back into an office setting, you’ll need to get your whole team on the same page in terms of technology. This might take some time, but it’s worth the effort.” – Lucas Nudel, CEO of Pride Palace

“We’re looking at a hybrid office environment right now, powered by the digital infrastructure we’ve worked so hard to develop over the past year and a half. Instead of starting from scratch, see what you and your team can accomplish with the technology you’ve implemented and see where that takes you in terms of collaboration and production.” – Dylan Trussell, CMO of Culprit Underwear

Supercharged productivity

No matter where you are, what schedule you follow, or what technology you use, productivity is still the name of the game. Remember to stay focused and get the job done.

“Be sure you clarify exactly what your employer needs from you in terms of production and responsibilities during this time, because there are a lot of logistical variables flying around at once. Now is not the time to let anything slip through the cracks if you can help it.” – Luke Hotchin, Co-Founder of Kenzzi

“If you’ve picked up any productivity hacks or techniques to keep you on track during the work-from-home era, be sure to keep those in the mix when returning to the office. We’ve all developed our own tactics to stay productive, so don’t abandon your strategy now.” – James Sun, Founder of BeautyTap

“There is one habit in particular that I plan to keep even as life slowly returns to normal and that is setting a purpose for each day. This has been a huge help in making each day more productive for me as a whole. I have enjoyed starting off my workday by setting a purpose so that I remain focused on that purpose throughout the day.” – David DiLorenzo, President of Valentino Beauty Pure

“Remote work. After the pandemic, we learned that we can still grow our business with everyone working remotely. If an employee chooses to work remotely, we fully support this. Remote work is one way that we keep our employees happy, working hard, and satisfied with their current position at AdQuick.” – Chris Gadek, Head of Growth at AdQuick

“Starting each and every day with intention. By taking the time in the morning to focus entirely on myself, I am able to set clear and achievable goals for myself. The pandemic has taught me to look forward to the smaller things in life and to reflect on stressful or uncomfortable situations in real-time. Begin or end your day with a little bit of journaling to review and regulate your emotions.” – Danielle Calabrese, COO of De La Calle

Are you ready to return to work in full force? If you apply the lessons you learned along the way during this challenging year – nothing can stop you!

Photo by Jodie Cook