Organic skin care: Five reasons to settle for natural beauty products

Your skin is essentially the largest and most exposed organ of your body. Considering the role it plays as a protective barrier from disease agents, keeping your skin healthy is crucial as it will contribute significantly to your general health.

But are the beauty products commonly used in skincare routines all safe and healthy for your skin? As you may have already guessed, the correct answer is no. 

In this respect, organic and natural beauty products are more advantageous compared to cosmetic products with artificial ingredients. With more and more consumers accepting their fear of chemicals, organic skincare products are increasingly becoming popular in today’s cosmetic industry.

Yes, many beauty products do contain synthetic ingredients, including some that have been around for decades. Here are some compelling reasons to pick natural beauty products over synthetic alternatives. 

1) Highly harmless

One of the best things about pure organic beauty products is that they pose negligible to no harm to your skin health compared to synthetic products. Conventional skincare products contain dangerous carcinogens like sodium lauryl sulfate, which weaken the immune system and threaten the endocrine and reproductive systems. Accumulation of such toxins over time can cause adverse effects on your skin or overall health, and some of the impacts may be irreversible. 

Especially if you have sensitive skin, you can keep safe by simply sticking to the use of organic, natural skincare products. If you are looking to change to organic skincare products, Tata Harper’s Natural Skincare range can be a good place to start.

The luxury skincare brand even has a range of skincare products containing ingredients that promise botanical healing for your skin. This means that, apart from beautifying characteristics, organic cosmetic products often possess ingredients with medicinal properties. 

2) No allergic reactions

Non-organic skincare products react differently to different people, mostly because of their different artificial chemical compositions. They may work for some people but cause allergic reactions to others. Better yet, some of them contain toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc in your life if you don’t care to look.

The organic ingredients used in natural beauty products, on the other hand, are grown naturally without herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and other artificial additives. This makes them free of any foreign substances that might cause skin allergies.

3) Impressive effectiveness

Since the olden days, before the non-organic skincare products were discovered, natural skincare products such as aloe, lemon, avocado, honey, and essential oils were present and in use. They were incredibly effective as long as they were used for the right reasons.

Moreover, natural beauty products have a better and higher composition of antioxidant vitamins than non-organic products.

4) Environmentally friendly

When growing the natural skincare ingredients, no harmful chemicals or additives are involved. This means that no toxins are released to the earth, posing a risk of pollution.

When using natural skincare products, you are mindful of the well-being of your skin and the well-being of the environment. Moreover, most organic beauty products contain their natural fragrances, so they hardly require adding synthetic fragrances. This means less strain to the environment in producing them. 

5) Non-organic products need testing before use

Non-organic skin care products are not used directly after manufacturing. They need to be tested first on animals before humans consume them so that the manufacturer can be sure of their safety on the human population. This testing poses cruelty to the animal kingdom. Using organic skincare products is safe, and sure, no testing has to be done.

And there you have it. When buying beauty products, the above few reasons should be convincing enough for you to choose organic alternatives. You can consider them as skincare routine tips to ensure elegance, safety, and health.  

Photo by Timothy Dykes