Office renovation tips for women working at home

Find it hard to concentrate working remotely? Check out these office renovation tips for women working at home.

As a working woman at home, it can be difficult to create the perfect working space for your project. Whether you are the head of a small business, an artist, or a freelance wizard – building the ideal workspace is important and it will impact your ability to concentrate. 

Today we want to talk about some of the best ways you can renovate and change your home to create the perfect office space for you and your business venture.

Create a garden office 

If you have a larger budget on hand and you are looking for the perfect way to separate work from home – a garden office is a great idea.

You can use a shed or hire companies like leafield roofing company commercial to create a small office space for you in the back of your garden that can house both yourself and any other team members you may have in your business. This can be a brilliant way to get the amenities and the separation of an office without the commute. 

Keep separate from your home 

As we said above, separating your work from home life is important and one of the best ways for you to do this is to choose a spare room that is away from everywhere else. For those who don’t want to build something on their property, choosing a quiet spare room is perfect and it will ensure you don’t get distracted by your partner, the kids, or your pets during your workday. 

If you don’t have the DIY skills or time to take on this project yourself, you can always hire a handyman Union NJ to help you.

Declutter the space 

When choosing the right office for you at home, the main thing you want to do is declutter the space and ensure it is ready for productive working. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘a clear space equals a clear mind’? Well, this is what you want to implement in your home office.

The less clutter you have crowding the space, the easier you will find it to concentrate on work and get down to projects. Get rid of your old stuff you don’t want anymore and this will make your office space feel brighter and better. 

Ensure you have natural light 

When creating the perfect home office space for yourself this year, one thing you want to ensure is plenty of natural light. Psychologically, the brighter it is in the office, the more alert you will be and the better you will work. If your office is dark and dull with barely a window to be seen, this is going to do nothing for your productivity. Choose a room with a large window and ensure that you have plenty of light in the space. 

Use inspirational colours 

One of the best ways to make you feel more productive when working at home is to use fun colours in your workplace. The psychology of colour can be fascinating and every colour provokes a different reaction in yourself and your body.

For example, pink and purple are both colours that are known for promoting creativity and these colours will make your office space feel fun, fresh, and will promote your best ideas. Get rid of the clinical white walls and grey carpets because these do no one any favours. 

Invest in comfort 

The comfort of your office is something that is more important than you think. When you come to build your perfect office make sure you invest in a great chair as well as a spacious desk that gives you plenty of leg room. Sitting in one position for a long stretch of time can be hard on the body, and by providing yourself with supportive furniture you will be doing yourself many favours. 

Add homely touches 

Whether your office is in the city or on the second floor of your home – it is important to invest in some homely touches. You will spend a lot of your week in your home office, and it is important that the space feels like it belongs to you and that it is comfortable for you.

To do this, consider bringing some features like photographs or prints, toys, candles, plants, or a blanket for colder days. Make sure you feel comfortable in your workspace and you’ll work better because of it. 

Hang a whiteboard 

The last perfect addition to your home office is a whiteboard on the wall. A whiteboard will give you a place to jot down a to do list, note down ideas, and brainstorm for a project. This is a vital tool and you’ll use it more than you think!