How to get the perfect smile with dental veneers

Looks play quite a significant role in the society that we live in today. And something that everyone is going to notice when you are talking to them is your smile.

If you are not happy with your smile, there are quite a lot of ways to correct it and give yourself a Hollywood-style smile.

However, from all of those options, the appearance of veneers seems to be the most efficient method. There are many reasons why lots of dentists today are fans of clip on veneers, and why they want to introduce them to their patients. Read on to discover some of them.

Veneers require very little enamel removal

If you are getting dental veneers in Sydney or anywhere else in the world, the procedure is done very similarly. And no matter how it is done, compared to other procedures that promise similar results, a very small portion of enamel is removed.

Enamel is a layer of your teeth, and it is only removed on the front of your teeth. This will preserve a lot of your natural teeth, and unlike other procedures that remove the majority, and sometimes all of your enamel, with dental veneers, your teeth are not going to be vulnerable to decay and sensitivity.

Veneers prevent discoloration

When it comes to veneers, one thing that caught a lot of dentists by surprise, even some of the best ones, is the fact that veneers show almost no discoloration. That is because they are much better than natural enamel, and they can provide you with a white smile without having to undergo whitening treatments. Of course, you should still be careful about what you eat and drink.

They cover gaps, cracks, and chips

Imperfections on teeth is something that no one is proud of, and with dental veneers, covering all of those imperfections is very easy and very efficient too. Sure, there are other procedures that can take care of those imperfections, but they are not as durable as veneers because veneers are made out of porcelain, while another material used is usually resin.

No special maintenance is required

No matter what kind of dental correction you optimize for, there is always going to be a catch, a special way that you have to take care of those new corrections, like special care for dentures, for example. However, with veneers, since they are made out of durable material, all you have to do is brush and floss like you would your natural teeth. They will also protect your underlying natural teeth too.

They feel and look natural

What makes veneers amazing is the fact that they are custom-made for each patient. Because of that, they will perfectly fit your natural teeth, and will feel natural. This is accomplished by the Sydney dentist taking an impression of your teeth that is then used to develop the veneers. Once they are attached, the dentist will do the final touches where they seem like a seamless fit.

Veneers offer a quick solution for cosmetic issues

Cosmetic dentistry is quite a broad field, and there are numerous fixes for all kinds of problems. Most issues will require orthodontic intervention so the teeth are moved to their correct positions, which is a very time-consuming, and it is also a very uncomfortable process.

With veneers, the approach to those cosmetic issues is much simpler. Instead of correcting those issues, the veneers are placed on top of those flaws, like a façade. While the cosmetic issues might still be there, they will not be visible to anyone, and they are not going to impose any threat to your health either.

They last for a long time

When you hear the word ‘porcelain’, it is easy to assume that veneers are fragile and that they will wear down over time. However, the porcelain used to create veneers is not really porcelain. It is just called that because of the white color. Instead, it is a special kind of ceramic used in dentistry that can last for years. After all, these ceramics are also used for bullet-proof vests.

Veneers are becoming more popular

Lately, more and more people are deciding to get veneers over any other kind of procedure. Whitening the teeth used to be one of the most popular dental procedures, but since veneers became more accessible, it is slowly falling out of the trend, mainly to how disappointing whitening is compared to dental veneers in terms of not only brightness but all the other advantages that veneers offer.