Not making enough money as a social media manager?

Love to make more money from your social media skills? Find out how our 7 Days of Success Tips will show you how. 

Over the past few years we’ve met many talented women who have retrained as a social media manager. And while they may know how to plan a Twitter campaign or promote a brand through Instagram Stories, there’s one big, common gap in their collective knowledge: how to make money.

The brutal truth is that you won’t make money just knowing about Facebook. You need to know how to make money.

One social media manager who does understand how to make money is Cat Davies. A former management consultant, Cat knows how to package and sell her skills as a social media manager to brands who are able to pay the rates she wants.

With five years of running her own successful business (and a financially lucrative career as a freelance copywriter behind her), making money is also something our founder Hannah Martin knows how to do.

Together Hannah and Cat have pooled their expertise to create 7 days of Success Tips for social media managers. Sign up here and we’ll send you a quick video tip every day for a week. each one is really easy to implement so you see results straight away.


We’re only running these tips for one more week, so if you want to begin to learn the secrets of making money out of your social media training, please do sign up now!