Nine ways to stay motivated with your degree while working full time

Struggling to keep up with your studies while holding down a job? Here are nine ways to stay motivated with your degree while working full time.

Have you ever heard someone say that they want to get their degree, work a 9-5, and look after the kids, but would much rather watch Netflix instead?

There is no secret here, working towards your education is hard work and requires dedication, but where is the fun in that? Here are nine ways to keep your motivation for studying up while working.

1) Make a choice

Each day you have the choice to focus on your degree or your 9-5, and let’s face it, working on your degree can be daunting as you will not see the benefits quickly.

Degrees are long-term goals, however. Working towards getting a degree is something that is going to benefit you no matter where life takes and it is more important than ever to stay motivated when life gets busy.

If you are thinking of doing an online degree whilst working a full-time job, take note of some of these tips below to keep yourself motivated and on target for success.

2) Organize your time with military precision

Many people who are thinking about getting their degree online or even an on-campus degree often comment that their biggest obstacle is the amount of time it takes to get their studies done.

Remember that no one said college was going to be easy. If you are going for a bachelor’s degree or higher, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have set aside adequate time to study.

If you are serious about doing both your degree and working, you will need to organize your time with military precision.

Work out exactly how much free time you have in one day to put aside for studying. 

3) Find a motivational study buddy who thinks like you do

If you know someone, whether it is a family member or a friend, who is also pursuing their education and at the same time working full-time, make sure to compare notes with them from time to time.

They will be able to give you some insights that might not have occurred to you. Everyone has different ways of studying and different study styles, so make sure you find your own unique way of studying with your study buddy so that it can be rewarding for you.

4) Let your employer know

If you are currently working a full-time job in addition to pursuing your education, let your employer know.

There is nothing worse than going to work day after day and feeling like you are doing a bad job because you cannot devote as much time as everyone else.

If you explain your situation to your employer, the chances are that they will be understanding and work with you. If they are not, then maybe it is time to look for a new job?

5) Take time off For study weeks

If you find that you have a lot going on in your life and cannot study as much as you would like, take a week off of your job and use it as a study week for your college course.

Study weeks are ideal for catching up on all of your reading and maybe even starting some bigger projects. If you work hard during this time, chances are good that you will have enough study hours built up to last you for a couple of weeks.

6) Keep a study journal

Even if you keep your own study journal, there is no harm in asking your professor or tutor to keep one as well. Both of these are going to help you with your own personal study plan.

You will want to note down any questions or advice that your tutor gives you during the lesson, as this will help with any assignments and exams that are coming up soon.

Be sure to include any work time and study time that you have had in your journal, as well as any big projects that you have done. You may want to share this with your tutor towards the end of the semester so they can see how hard you have been working and how much progress you are making.

7) Give yourself rewards for all the work you do

Some people think that they need a huge treat as a reward for getting all of their reading done, but for some people, anything will do. You may want to give yourself a small treat every day, or perhaps you prefer having a treat at the end of each week, especially if you have had a tough week at your 9-5 too.

This can help to keep you motivated on your study plan.

There is going to be an end goal that you are working for with your education, so remember this when things get busy and stressful. Your degree is something that is going to stay with you for the rest of your life, so make sure you give it everything you have got.

8) Make your study space comfortable

Your study space is going to be where most of the magic happens, so make sure it is comfortable! Invest in a good desk chair, preferably one with armrests that will keep you from getting stiff when reading for long periods of time.

You may want to invest in a small space heater as well, as it can get chilly in the winter if your house is not very well insulated.

If you are going to be studying in the same place every time, try and make that place a comforting one by setting up all of your study materials, snacks and coffee around you so that when you sit down to study for a couple of hours you do not have to get up again.

9) Keep up with your hobbies

You do not have to give up all of your hobbies for your degree. If you enjoy spending time with friends or doing something else, such as reading, take some time to do it during an off-day from school and work.

Give yourself time to study

If you are working around the clock and still want to do some studying, make sure you set aside time for it. You might not want to set aside a full 12 hours a day, but make sure that you are getting at least three hours in every day. 

However, remember that these days a lot of people work a full-time job and then go home and study in the evening. So, make sure that you are not going to be studying when it is too late and things are getting too dark outside! 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to studying is they try and cram time into every day. This is never a good idea, you need to give yourself time in between assignments to come back with fresh thoughts.