Nine top style tips for women

Want to look good and feel confident? Here are nine top style tips for women.

While true self-confidence lies way beneath your skin, there’s no denying that looking good can go a long way to helping you feel good.

And one way to get a confidence boost is to wear clothes that are appropriate for any given occasion, fit you well and that you love.

So how do you put together a wardrobe that is perfect for you? Here are nine top style tips to ensure you are always well-dressed.

1) Organise and edit your closet

The first step to becoming more stylish is to simply edit and organise your closet.

You won’t be able to create a great outfit if you don’t even know what you own. So it’s helpful for you to start decluttering your wardrobe so you can donate or sell anything that you don’t love.

When you have identified the clothes you want to keep, you then need to try and organise them into defined categories. This will help you to find something quickly and it will also make it much easier for you to stay on top of things.

You’ll also find it helpful to invest in a shoe rack as well. This will aid you in visualising any concepts that you might have in mind and can help you to feel more inspired too.

2) Find a good tailor

A good tailor can make a bargain wardrobe look like a designer one.

And while you may not want to spend a lot of extra cash getting your items altered, you will soon learn that the extra wear that you are able to get out of them is well worth the cost.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pair of jeans that you want to have hemmed or whether you have a dress that you need taking in, a trip to your tailor can change everything.

It will give a new lease of life to your wardrobe by tweaking styles, helping your clothes to fit perfectly, and give every item a more made-to-measure, expensive look too.

3) Balance your top and bottom

If you want to make sure that your outfits are well balanced then you need to ensure that your top and bottom are both in sync.

If you plan on wearing a loose shirt, then try to pair it with soap pair of tight pants. Or, if you are wearing wide-leg pants, then you might choose to pair it with a cropped top.

If you want to blend your outfit together when wearing a facemask, then remember that you can easily get custom-options made when you browse online.

4) Invest in styles which work for you

Having a wide array of stylish outfits that look great on you will require a considerable amount of planning.

If you are not entirely sure which items will look great on you then make sure you try on different styles before you buy. Or order a range of styles to try at home, and return those that don’t suit you.

Once you have a shape or style that suits you, find other items that are similar. For example, if you know that skinny jeans work for you, then try to buy other clothes with the same silhouette.

To give variation you can have some fun experimenting with fabrics colours and even embellishments. As long as you stick to your core style or silhouette you know you’ll look good so can be more adventurous.

5) Prepare for the fitting room

If fitting rooms are open, then you need to make full use of them when clothes shopping. And that means being prepared.

What do we mean by ‘prepared’? Firstly you need to ensure you have enough time to try on your clothes. If you’re in a rush you might be tempted to miss out the changing room altogether, or make a hasty decision you may regret later.

Fits and sizes can vary depending on the store or the design. If you hate returning items, then you need to try and make time to visit the fitting room as this will help you to avoid time and stress later.

And secondly you need to ensure that you dress for the item that you want to try on. Trying on an evening gown with some high heels and the right lingerie will always look better when compared to trainers and a sports bra. So if you’re shopping for specific items, either wear the appropriate shoes and underwear, or bring items with you you’ll want to wear the garment with.

6) Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns

Patterns are a brilliant way to add some life to your wardrobe. And mixing patterns can be even better.

If you’ve spent years staying loyal to a wardrobe of neutrals, or are more comfortable in blacks, greys and navy blue then the idea of patterns might scare you, but give it a go.

Consider adding some stripes, embrace checks or even opt for floral designs. Just remember that you need to make sure that the colours accent one another properly, because if they don’t then you may find that you end up with an outfit that doesn’t work for you.

7) Consider your skin tone

Have you ever noticed that you feel better, more confident in some colours? Or do you find that people compliment you more in particular shades?

If so, it’s all down to your skin tone. We all have shades that suit our skin tone, and others that wash us out. And finding out what ‘your colours’ are can make an enormous difference to your wardrobe.

It also makes shopping much easier, as you know what shades to gravitate to, and which ones to steer clear of. It can save you money too, in buying an item you love on the hanger, but never actually wear as it just doesn’t work on you.

Once you know your colours flatter you most, ensure you have plenty of them in your wardrobe.

As a quick guide, if you have a very cool complexion then try and shop for colours which include white, grey, black, blue or silver. If you have a warm undertone then it would be wise for you to stop for colours such as gold, yellow, red or olive.

8) Buy flattering jackets

You may have heard that a little black dress or a white t-shirt is a wardrobe must-have. But what you might not know is that a leather jacket, denim jacket and blazer are also considered my many as essential.

A tailored blazer will ensure you are covered and smart for formal occasions, and you can wear it for work too. A denim jacket covers off your casual look, a leather jacket will make any outfit look edgier.

9) Show the ‘right’ amount of skin

Showing just the right amount of skin can help you look stylish in the evening. But what does ‘the right amount’ mean?

In truth it’s completely subjective. The amount of skin that is culturally acceptable varies widely around the world. But whatever amount you decide to show, it’s what you feel looks good on you, and you choose to show, that matters.

Nothing is more attractive and stylish than self-confidence and being comfortable in your own skin – whether it’s on ‘show’ or not.

As a rule of thumb though, people tend to choose to show a single part of their body. So, for example, if you believe that your legs are your best feature, then you might choose to opt for a mini-dress that has long sleeves and a high-neck.

Or if you like your shoulders then you might wear a bandeau top with a maxi skirt or palazzo pants.

Photo by Brooke Cagle