Nine spare time activities that will benefit your career

When you find yourself with a few spare moments throughout the week, what are your go-to activities to help you destress and work on your self-improvement?

You might go to the gym, try out new recipes or even partake in a local sports team at the weekends. Whatever you’re doing, it’s important to consider activities that help you to improve your mind, body, mental wellbeing and intelligence. Taking things one step further, you may even want to take on some extracurricular pursuits that can benefit your career in the future too.

If you’re a career minded person, you should always put your best foot forward and stay focused on where you want to be in the future. Similarly, when you’re working towards reaching your career goals it’s always beneficial to enjoy enriching activities that can provide you with transferable skills in the workplace. 

Consider the following nine spare time activities that can benefit your career in both direct and indirect ways.

1) Yoga

    How can yoga help with your career? Isn’t it all about increasing flexibility, gaining strength and toning up your body? Although yoga may not directly impact a corporate career woman, it can most certainly help your mindset and mental health.

    2) Meditation

      Being able to channel your thoughts and focus clearly on a guided meditation will serve you well in the working world. It will help to keep you calm under pressure and provide you with tools to keep you cool even under the most stressful of circumstances. You’ll be the best manager on the block if you meditate regularly!

      3) Educational Games

        Keep your brain sharp and your vocabulary rich by doing a daily crossword, word jumble or mathematical game. This will help to warm up your mind when you’ve got a busy day ahead, and you might also learn a few facts to impress your colleagues too!

        4) Reading

          It goes without saying that reading is a brilliant way to enrich your mind and broaden your knowledge, no matter what kind of career you’re chasing. Reading can help you learn more about the world around you, become a better business owner and improve your overall wellbeing too. Whether you’re indulging in fiction or non-fiction, reading is always going to be a fantastic self development tool throughout your career.

          5) Cooking

            If you’re working in a corporate setting it’s highly likely that you’re going to be working early mornings and late nights. Similarly, if you’re a shift worker, you also need to prioritize your health and nutrition. You can’t be the very best in your field if you don’t feel your best and nourish your body in a wholesome way. Honing in your cooking skills will make you more energized and motivated to conquer your next career goals.

            6) Running

              Running and staying fit in general will provide you with strength, motivation and physical health so that you can work long days in a competitive industry. It also teaches you discipline and will help you to create a healthy schedule that impacts your working life in a positive way. You may also start to get a little competitive if other people in your workplaces are also keen runners too!

              7) Public speaking

                Standing in front of people and talking about your specialist subject may seem scary, but it’s a brilliant way to increase your confidence and enhance your transferable skills. Public speaking in schools, colleges and other settings will help you to advance your career in many positive ways.

                8) Consulting

                  Sharing your knowledge with others in the form of consulting is a surefire way to help you become an expert in your field. When others start turning to you for advice, you know you’ve leveled up in your career and you’re ready for the next step. This may even turn into a profitable business venture for you in the future!

                  9) Blogging

                    Finding the fun in blogging as a hobby is possible, especially when there are so many benefits. Blogging is beneficial to any career minded person as it gives you a platform to discuss important topics and share your knowledge. Your blog posts will then become a great talking point during interviews when you are hoping to advance your career and take on a new job role in a higher position.

                    All in all, pursuing any of these activities will significantly contribute to your overall self-improvement and your career goals. Whether you’re taking up running, or enjoying a daily crossword puzzle, all of these activities can teach you something completely new and improve your temperament, mental health and transferable skills.