Nine siblings activities to bond, play and have fun

The relationships siblings share are unique in a sense but also universal. Every kid has a love-hate relationship with their siblings. They can’t live together, but they also can’t live apart.

However, you want them to have a bond. And for this, they need to spend time together, playing, or participating in joint activities.

And while you cannot force an interaction between them, there is lots you can do to encourage a relationship between siblings by giving them a common ground to learn more about each other. This can happen through playing together or doing activities.

In the article we share nine activities that siblings can do together. We hope these ideas will benefit parents who are always looking for new ideas to keep their kids busy. After all, there is only so much that siblings can come up with.

After that, fighting and kicking start because they are bored with their usual play or hungry! So we hope you find these ideas helpful.

1) Pretend play

The best type of play for siblings. They can use their toys, figurines, dolls, or stuffed animals. They can teach them turn by turn. Or play doctor-patient, where one sibling becomes the patient while the other is the doctor. They can also use fake kitchen appliances and utensils to play kitchen games.

The options for pretend play are many. You only need to provide them with multiple accessories to encourage them to play. It helps them bond and get creative while playing together.

2) Play in the cubby house

Have you seen the excitement in your children’s eyes when you look at cubby houses online? It’s unmatchable. The reason is simple; it is their personal space. The siblings can pretend to play here, paint, or even have a tea party. It is one of the best ways for siblings to spend time together and play.

3) Follow the leader

The leader follows a fun game for siblings. Usually, little brothers or sisters follow their elder brother or sister around every second of the day. It can be too much for the older siblings. However, as a parent, you can turn this into a fun game.

Ask your kids to take turns being leaders. The other sibling has to follow everything the leader does. Whether it is running around the house or picking their nose, it is a fun game, and the little one also gets to be in charge.

4) Let them play musical instruments together

Get them an age-appropriate musical instrument and let them have a concert. You can also use bowls or buckets as drums and sticks to make your instruments. Once they get over who gets to use the instrument first, they will love playing music together.

5) T-shirt walk

It’s a fun game that two siblings can play with each other. Just put one t-shirt over both siblings. Their task is to walk together. Pick a room with little furniture or in the backyard. It is so fun as they try to match each other’s steps and more.

6) Sibling art

Set up a large canvas. Divide it into two. Give each section to one sibling. Then give them watercolors, paintings, acrylic, and more. Let them draw, and see how they engage each other for hours with this. Ask them to cooperate so they can create art that overlaps.

7) Water-play

Get a small tub and fill it with water. Ask both of your kids to get their toys and figurines out. Then, ask them to bathe and clean each one of them. Kids love water, so they will have fun with this. It works well for toddlers who love playing in the water. They can also bathe their dolls and stuffed animals. Try these other water play ideas too.

8) Let them read books

Give your kids multiple books. Allow them to spend time together and read. Even toddlers can look at visual books and come up with stories. They will bond as they try to read together or cook up stories.

9) Cook or bake together

It is a family activity. You can use the help of your kids to bake their favorite dessert or dish. Take their help as it makes them responsible too.

Siblings are the most precious bond a child can ever have. Use these ideas to give them time together to play and get to know each other more.