Nine progressive fade haircut styles for men

A fade haircut is a type of short haircut for men that is styled in a way to make your hair look great from the top of your head to the bottom.

In a modern fade haircut the hair on the top of your head is kept long and accompanied by different fades on the side, whether it’s low, medium or high. Depending on your personal preferences, the fade can be made to match the look you want.

Fade haircuts might look easy to master, but they are tough for beginners. The hair needs to be clipped down and then the hair is cut making it shortest closer to the neck. You gradually increase the length of the hair left as you move closer to the forehead.

If you’re a stylish man looking for a new cut, here are nine types of fade haircut styles to consider from London barbers.

1) High fade

This is the easiest type of fade haircut to maintain. The high fade haircut is usually made such that the hair is small and easy to wash, comb and style. This type of fade has various ways in which you can style it and look elegant every day.

2) Mid fade haircut

This style is becoming popular among men today as it can be paired with other hairstyles like a pompadour. A mid fade haircut balances the features of a high and low fade making it the best for trying various styles. A mid fade can even be paired with an inked tattoo on the side to give you an elegantly casual look.

3) Low fade

This fade allows you to preserve the originality and uniqueness of your hair. The hair is only cut at the back of your head and the length of the hair increases as you move towards the top of the head. Low fade haircut best suits men with diamond and triangular shapes of the head.

4) Bald fade

This type of fade is also known as a skin fade haircut. Just as the name suggests, the hair on the sides of the head is cut such that it is closer to the scalp, or in other words, it is almost extinct. It is the best fit for men with sideburns as it helps to create a borderline between the beard and the hair on the head. A bald fade can be paired with a pompadour to give you a complete classic look.

5) Undercut fade

This type of fade styling is a clear definition of the party at the front and business at the back. This means that hair on the sides is shaved closer to the scalp and long hair is left at the top of the head.  Undercut fade simply means that the sides are partly enclosed under the long hair at the top of your head.

The hair at the top should be long enough such that it partly covers the sides. However, the length of your top hair can be according to your personal preferences especially in terms of styling it.

6) Drop fade haircut

Just like the name suggests, the fade drops just behind the ear. The hair at the top is inclined to make an arch towards the ear making it a very unique type of fade haircut. The shorter hair at the top that does not lie down to make the arch is left spiky to give you a sexy look. Drop fade haircut is most suitable for men with diamond-shaped heads as it requires the hair to be combed towards the front side closer to the ear.

7) Burst fade

Burst fade makes the hair appear spiky and is the best fit for men with straight hair. The fade is combed against the hair grain so that it appears sharp on the tips giving you a perfect casual look.

8) Taper fade

This is the classic type of fade. This is because in taper fade, the skin is not exposed at all but rather the hair is cut at its lowest on the sides without leaving the scalp exposed. This preserves your original head look at the same time making you appear unique and classy.