Nine popular engagement party gift ideas

Have you been invited to an engagement party but are stuck as to what to bring? Here are nine popular engagement party gift ideas.

If you’ve been invited to help celebrate a friend’s engagement then you’ll need to find a gift to take. The ideal gift will be something special and romantic. Ideally something they can keep for many years to come with fond memories of this time and of you.

So what can you get? Here are nine quick ideas for engagement gifts to help inspire you.

1) Disney keepsake

Disney fans will be delighted to receive a Disney keepsake as a treasured engagement memento. An engaged couple who love Disney will cherish your lovely gift for years to come. And who knows, if their children continue the Disney tradition, it could become a family heirloom they pass on! 

2) A personalized map print

An unusual but romantic gift for a newly engaged couple is a personalized map that celebrates the place they first met, or their first date. All you need to do is find out a meaningful location for the couple, then order a map gift of that destination. You can even get heart-shaped personalized map-prints to really amp up the romance.

This is a highly personal and thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to make the happy couple smile, and bring back fond memories.

3) Personalized wooden photo

A personalized wood photo is a unique gift for commemorating a special occasion, and will be something for them to treasure in their marital home. You can have the couple’s picture picture immortalized on a rustic wooden slab. With the photograph embedded into the wood, it will last for a lifetime.

A beautiful blend of natural wood and wear makes the photo look rustic and aged. And there is a belief that wood elements within the home can help to create harmony in life and the space. What better way to celebrate their love than by gifting something so meaningful to the newly engaged couple?

4) Moissanite rings

You can never have enough beautiful rings, and a cushion setting in sterling silver makes this ring the ideal engagement gift for a special friend who has got engaged. There is something unique about this gemstone, which is completely colorless and has a different sparkle. Many people find moissanite rings fascinating and beautiful, and they make impressive gifts for romantic couples. 

5) A personalized wine label

Wine goes perfectly with celebrations. So why not toast your friends’ engagement with a delicious bottle of women with a customized wine label? Whether they break open the bottle straight away or savour it for a future special occasion, it will make the perfect special gift.

6) Butterfly scrapbook

An engagement scrapbook gives couples a unique way to keep track of wedding planning. You can also fill the scrapbook with treasured memories and photos of your friendship with the couple, for them to cherish and look back on.

7) Vintage treasure box

A vintage treasure box is a wonderful way for your friends to collect mementos of their life together, while reminding them of you. The box itself will be beautiful, and will carefully store their precious jewellery and other keepsakes.

8) Sugar lead crystal bud vase

The vase is a classic gift idea that is sure to please. After all, who doesn’t need a vase, especially when they receive flowers from congratulatory guests?. It is a gift that most couples wouldn’t buy for themselves, making it one of the most thoughtful presents. And every time in the years to come that someone buys them flowers, they’ll think of you as they arrange them in your beautiful vase.

9) Bridal gift box

A wedding gift box is a perfect gesture for couples who enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Depending on the couple’s taste, you can customize the bridal box to match the gift. This gift idea would be a great surprise for a friend who will tie the knot soon. Send them a love story postcard to accompany this nicely crafted engagement present.